Zabira Review 2021: Is Zabira Legit? Is Zabira Scam?

Hey, in this article, am going to share with you the Zabira review in 2021. Is Zabira Legit? Is Zabira Scam? Is Zabira safe?

These is the most asked questions on search engines like google and bing. So in this article am going to say what I know about it. Let get started.

What is Zabira?

Zabira is an automated cryptocurrency platform In nigeria (you should know that is Nigeria company because they used .Ng extension.)

Is Zabira Legit

Zabira is Instant bitcoin and gift cards exchanging company. Once your deal confirmed, they will instant cash directly to your local bank account without calling them. For the exchange, you can count Zabira on.

Is Zabira Legit?

Yes, Zabira is 100% legit. When you are looking for trusted and reliable exchange platform, go for Zabira.

Since the company launch, they has no scam score. Which means, they are 100% legit.

Why Zabira?

Zabira has some features, which makes them be at the top. Such as:

Quick Processing

All trades on Zabira are processed as quickly as you wish.

Client Support.

Zabira always available 24/7, just to give their clients support when any time any day they needed helps or support.

Instantly Payout

Zabira payment is instantly like I said earlier. So once your order processing is done you will get your cash immediately. Zabira payment system is one of the best in nigeria.

User Friendliness

Zabira provide good user experience. This platform is simple and easy to use for anybody.

Instant BTC Wallet

Once you register an account on Zabira platform, you will get a bitcoin wallet that exclusively be to you immediately.

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How to sign up on the Zabira website

To create an Zabira account visit and then click on GETTING STARTED, you will be asked to Fill a form with your valid mobile number,

Now wait for like 2 to 5 minute, a unique OTP code will be sent to your mobile number via text message.

Copy the code and head back to Zabira sign up page and then Fill in the empty box with the OTP code you copied from SMS.


Now Set up your Zabira account by filling the next form with the right details required and click on FINISH SETUP. You have successfully create your Zabira account.

The next thing to do is to update your profile. So Click on the NAVIGATOR sited at the top left if the page, Then now scroll down and click on SETTINGS now finally CLICK on the PROFILE in this option links.


How To Withdraw From Your Zabira Wallet

To withdraw your money from your Zabira wallet, login to your Zabira account and then Click on the NAIRA WALLET then click on WITHDRAW FUNDS.

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If you want to withdraw to your bank Select bank method and enter your BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS. then insert your 4-digit PIN to complete the transaction.

How to receive Bitcoin on your Zabira wallet

To receive bitcoins on the ZABIRA, login to your ZABIRA account and then Click on the Bitcoin wallet and click receive bitcoin.

Now copy your bitcoin address.and Send it to the person you want to receive your BTC from. You can even send the barcode (attached to your wallet for seamless and secure transaction) to him or her to scan the barcode and get the BTC.

Is Zabira Legit

Once he/she send the BTC or scan the barcode to pay, you will be notify that your Bitcoin wallet have been credited will reflect.

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