How To Unlock Moniepoint App

Hey guys, in this article am going to share with you, how to unlock moniepoint app. So let dive in without wasting our time.

Some days ago, I published How To Unblock Moniepoint Account [100% Working Method] if you also experience this issue, try my method of unblocking moniepoint account.


Unblock Moniepoint App is different from unblocking account. If you enter wrong pin three times, either from moniepoint portal or from terminal. They will block the account.

So why will moniepoint block you from using the moniepoint app??.

They might block it If you are not using your moniepoint app daily, if moniepoint published new version and you are yet to update the app or you rae to doing any transaction on your moniepoint terminal.

How To Unlock Moniepoint App.

To unlock your moniepoint app, go to your phone settings >> App & Notification >> then select Moniepoint app. Follow by storage, then tap on uninstall to uninstall the moniepoint app from your phone.

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Once you successful uninstall the app, open your phone google play or click here. And the search for moniepoint app to re-install it in your phone again.

After install successful, open moniepoint app an login with your moniepoint login details. That’s all.

If you are still facing this issue after following this method kindly contact moniepoint, they offer 24/7 customer support, You can reach their support team through contact details below:

  1. Moniepoint support email:
  2. Moniepoint office number: 08141500017, 09093170000, 09030009613
  3. Moniepoint on Facebook:
  4. Moniepoint on Twitter:
  5. Moniepoint on Instagram:

If you still have any questions regarding how to unlock moniepoint app, feel free to drop your comment. And don’t forget to share with your friends and family on social media network.

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