Transfer Money With ENaira App: Read Complete 2021 Guide Right Here

Hey guys, in this article, am going to share with you, how to transfer money with ENaira app. Both home and abroad. Yes, you can transfer money to abroad with ENaira app.

So, Let’s Go

What Is ENaira App?

ENaira app is Nigeria digital currency that announced and launched on October 25 2021 by Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN).

Transfer money with ENaira app

The eNaira will probably be the number one Africa’s biggest and largest e-currency, with:

  • Peer-to-Peer Fee.
  • Unified Fee System.
  • Contactless Fee.
  • And bank Account Administration.

The e-naira will compete with the world’s main e-currencies in 2022. Which am very sure that, ENaira will be the first in Africa.


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We might take a look at the assorted merchandise, decide the danger, decide one of the best ways to mitigate the danger earlier than we now open it up increasingly more.

How To Transfer Money With ENaira App.

To transfer money with ENaira app, either to abroad or within the country, follow this guidelines:

  • Funding your eNaira speed wallet account from the bank you added to your ENaira account.
  • Then Login into your bank mobile app.
  • And transfer money to your eNaira account tied to the savings account on the bank account you added.
  • You will get a notification in your eNaira wallet.

You can also fund your eNaira wallet from an account in a distinct bank by following this guidelines:

  • Log in to your bank mobile app.
  • Proceed to transfer mon6 to your eNaira wallet by choosing your eNaira wallet that linked to your other account number.
  • Once you made the transaction, you will get a notification for the alert in your e-wallet app. That’s all.

Here guidelines for eNaira wallet Funding by agent.

  • Money holder arms over money to an eNaira verification agent/bank/SANEF.
  • Agent will login to eNaira wallet.
  • And transfer to your eNaira wallet. To be able to transfer money with ENaira app.
  • And you will receives a notification that your account has been credited with so so amount. That’s all.

For abroad transactions, Follow this guidelines:

  • Diaspora common account holder log in to your buyer FX checking account (e.g., HSBC). Then tran6 funds into Worldwide money transfer Operators’ (IMTO) FX checking account (e.g., Barclays, Western Union).
  • Then Login to your IMTO eNaira wallet.
  • Now Transfer from IMTO eNaira wallet to the client eNaira wallet. That’s all.
  • Once it successfully transferred, the Beneficiary will get notification.

And to transfer money to any service provider company in Nigeria, follow this guidelines:

  • First login into your eNaira wallet account.
  • Then make a transfer to the service provider eNaira wallet account. That’s all.
  • Once it successfully transferred, The service provider will receives the notification of transfer.
  • And you can the service provider can also transfer money with ENaira app to you.

In accordance with the CBN governor, Mr. Emefiele additional disclosed “In case you are a financial institution buyer and you need to N10 million in your savings account, to your consolation of spending and making a purchase order, you may inform the financial institution to load N2 million out of your N10 million into your wallet.

eNaira Wallet App Download (APK and iOS Version)

This could allow you to transfer the N2 million to your family members overseas.

Additionally, you may make purchases each inside and throughout the nation. Which means, you transfer money with ENaira app to anybody at any time.

There are such a lot of variances of the eNaira. However that is the place we might begin as a result of we aren’t going to faux that there are not any dangers in opening your system up.

For Authorities MDAs follo this guidelines:

  • Login to your eNaira speed wallet
  • And transfer money to eNaira wallet of MDA (Ministries, Departments, and Companies) of Authorities. That’s all.


Download ENaira wallet app on play store and register ENaira Speed Wallet Account to benefit from ENaira services.

The more you transfer money with ENaira app, the more benefit you get.

How to transfer money with ENaira app

Also, if you are doing POS business already, this is an another opportunity for you, become ENaira merchant and make more money.

Once you become ENaira merchant, you will be able to transfer money with ENaira app and do other transactions like airtime and data

If you have any questions regarding how to transfer money with ENaira app, feel free to contact your comment through the comment section below.

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