How To Synchronize Moniepoint POS Machine 2021 – Learn Right Now

Hey guys this articleis about synchronize moniepoint POS Machine if funds not reflecting in your wallet.

Synchronize Moniepoint POS Machine

In this article, am going to share with you, the next thing to do if fund not reflect in your moniepoint wallet.

What is Synchronization?

Synchronization is completed when funds are usually not reflecting in your wallets after a profitable withdrawal Transaction, on account of system malfunction or downtime.

With a view to let all of your transaction replicate in your Moniepoint wallet.

If you are experiencing this issue, you have no worries again. Because am going to share with you, things to do to synchronize Moniepoint POS Machine

How To Synchronize Moniepoint POS Machine.

Here is step by step methods to synchronize Moniepoint pos machine.

  • Go to service
  • Click on on synchronization
  • All all of the to synchronize
  • Examine your wallet steadiness

If you are using moniepoint android POS machine, here is step by step methods to synchronize on Moniepoint Android.

  • Go to Service
  • Click on on Admin
  • Enter your transaction pin
  • Scroll to synchronize
  • Then now click on it and restart your terminal. That’s all.


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