How To Start POS Business In Nigeria Right Now

Hey guys, today am going to share with you, how to start a POS business in 2022 and how profitable a POS business is.

After reading this tutorial on how to start a POS business in Nigeria, you will be able to start the business and he Minimum Amount To Start A POS Business Right Now In 2022.

Cheapest Business To Start In Nigeria Right Now

I won’t talk about how to start a POS business only, I will also answered questions on the net. Such as:

  • Is the pos business profitable business profitable
  • How to make money from pos business
  • How profitable is pos business
  • How to make money from the pos business.

If you still doubting how legit and profitable POS business is, this article is for you.

This article is a mplete 2022 guide on how to start a POS business in Nigeria, and how to make more money doing the POS business in 2022.

And also show you all that you have to take note of ore getting started.

Let’s dive in.

What is POS Business

Firstly, POS is an abbreviation for “point of sales” and the word “POS business” is also known as mobile money agent business. The most profitable business in 2021.

POS business was started in the year 2013 after CBN (central bank of Nigeria) launched its guideline on the operations and management of the POS enterprise.

Since that day, it has remained one of the retail channels of several business banks to make their banking services attain a huge number of people in the country (nigeria).

Mobile money agent owns and operates a retail outlet. he or she conducts the financial transaction and lets in clients withdraw, transfer, deposit, pay bills, buy airtime, and other transaction.

This business thrives greater in rural regions and the underbanked communities.

It’s miles just like any other remote banking channel.

If you have a rrent small business that brings money every day or month, you could diversify your revenue streams with the aid of venturing into this POS business and earninging extra income.

How To Start POS Business: Complete Guide.

To start a POS business right now, follow this guideline and drop your comment if you have any questions. Let’s go.

Start POS business

1. Find open areas to place your shop:

Your POS business location is very important. Why? because if you find an open place, it going to increase in the number of patronizers, which is equal more customer more profit. these factors have much effect on daily profit.

To earn more income from the the POS business, you need to find a place that is visible and accessible. Such as:

  • Bus stop.
  • Public market.
  • Event centers.
  • High institution.
  • Big companies.
  • Hospitals and many more.

Now design your business banners or use the one that will be given to you by the POS machine provider you choose.

To let people know what exactly your shop is about.

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The POS business doesn’t require you to get a large space, but at least get a small space, where you can put a air, table, and banner. That’s enough.

You can even use your house for transactions. But make sure it is an open place. For earning purposes.

If you are into any business and you have a shop, that’s an opportunity or advantage of getting a free POS machine from the bank.

2. Get Enough Cash:

Before you can start this business, need to get enough cash to run the business.


And the minimum amount to get started is 100,000 naira. 50,000 cash for withdrawal payment and 50,000 on your POS machine account for transfer and deposit.

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If you don’t have up tothat amount, you can get a fast online loan in Nigeria, and pay it back when you earn income.

3. Get Three ATM cards:

Yes, you need three ATM cardsfor testing the POS machine network. Sometimes, there will be a d network on your POS terminal, and you can’t know if you don’t test the network with your ATM card.

To avoid debited customerswithout seeing the money.

Get Strong Service Provider SIM Card:

MTN is recommended. You need a reliable service provider to operate the POS machine faster and avoid a bad network from the service providers.

Benefits Of Doing POS Business.

Benefits Of POS business

POS business is a cash transaction business, like I said earlier, POS business is profitable, which is silently been take place without a whole lot of sciousness.

However, now gaining extreme recognition. Because it is now an alternative to banks’ cash withdrawal machines(ATM).

Starting a POS business could be very beneficial. it is a known fact that buying and selling on cash or money-associated undertaking could be very worthwhile.

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That is a business that could offer jobs to lots of people in Nigeria. Especially the students.

That is why am writing this article to encourage citizens of Nigeria to start this profitable POS business.

Once you start a POS business, you will be helping people in your community to decreased a few rigors and provide convenience in economic transactions and help them to:

  • Achieve financial inclusion.
  • Reduced the usual congestion in their banks.
  • Serving a wider range of clients.
  • Enabled a quick and fast money transaction.
  • Reduced the risk of takingarge sums of cash to the bank.

POS business

And provide other services like:

  • Sales of airtime (Airtel, MTN, Glo, 9Mobile.).
  • Bill payments (GOTV, DSTV, Startimes, PHCN.) and pay for goods and services without being scammed me.

If you start a POS business today, at least, you will be making like N5,000 daily doing this business. Here is your commission per N1,000 transaction.

  • N100 for cash withdrawal.
  • N100 for cash deposit
  • N100 for transfers

So the commission you make on each transaction is all yours. But the POS terminal provider fee is 0.75% for N1,000. You can read Agent POS Charges In Nigeria [2021 Experienced]

If you want to earn more income, don’t do only transfer, withdraw, deposit. Add bills payment. Here is the bills payment commission.

Apart from the charges, you will charge your customer.

POS business in nigeria


MTN Network 3.0%
Airtel Network 4.0%
Glo Network 6.0%
Etisalat Network 3.5%

Commission FOR DATA TOP-UP

MTN Network 3%
Glo Network 4%
Etisalat Network 4.5%
Airtel Network 4%

Commission FOR TV Subscription.

DStv 2%
GOgtv 2%
PCH 2%
Startime 2%


WAEC Scratch Card 6%
NECO Scratch Card 6%

How To Get Terminal To Start POS Business.

If you want to start a S business, you have to get a POS terminal, so there aree o ways to accumulate the POS machine.

POS machines offer immediate notification of all transactions fee. this is why you get hold of alert whenever you do any transaction like withdrawal or transfer.

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POS is not for a deposit, transfer withdraws money only. but It can be used to pay customer bill payments such as DSTV, GOTV, Startime, FreeTv.

Hope you have to knowthe benefits of this business and the business itself.

Before you can start providing bank services to people, you need a machine/terminal to run the business.

How To Get POS Machine.

(Am going to list the top e-pos that is easy to get in Nigeria for you.) Keep reading.

  1. From Nigeria Banks.
  2. From Licensed Company.
1. How To Get POS Machine From Banks.

To get POS from Nigeria banks, you have to be eligible and to be eligible for the inal, you must have a small or partnership business that launched at least months ago. Which is one year.

And have an office or a shop (for small business owners) in your area or community. And be registered user with the CAC (corporate affairs commission).

If you have theabove requirement, starting a POS business or serving as a bank agent in Nigeria is possible for you.

Free POS machine in nigeria

How To Get Free POS Machine In Nigeria banks 2021

The next thing to do is to approach your bank

Without a doubt, all Nigerian banks offer POS machines so, as quickly as you decide on the bank of your preference, the following issue is to method your bank and get the info of their requirement.

Visit your bank branch, you can go where the branch where your account was issued and talk to your account officer.

No matter what, you need to fill out  agreement forms at the transaction conditions.

Start POS Business

Then, the bank evaluations the software in line with the central bank of Nigeria, internal criteria, and enters into a settlement with you, in case you meet all the criteria they listed.

Here are some of the required documents you will need to provide when filling out the agreement forms.

  • Valid means of identification.
  • Bank verification number
  • Two photographs passport.
  • Two active account references
  • CAC business Certificate.
  • Account Number.
  • Mobile phone number.
  • A minimum amount of N50,000.

Once you submit the form, they will tell you to come back after your request to the bank has been considered by the the bank’ss management.

The bank will give you the needed equipment to start a POS business. Include a portable device (POS terminal) that facilitates payments of goods and services from your office or shop using payment cards.

Top 7 Bank That Offer POS Machine In 2021.

  1. GTBank.
  2. First bank.
  3. Skye Bank.
  4. Zenith Bank.
  5. Wema bank
  6. Fidelity bank.
  7. Ecobank bank.

How To Get POS Machine From Licensed Company.

You might not want to go through the stress of collecting the POS machine from Nigeria bank, fortunately, you can buy POS terminals from licensed companies.

Don’t buy POS machmachines frommpanies that are not licensed to sell them. Find a company that is a registered aggregator with the central bank of Nigeria.

Pos machine price in Nigeria is loTheTheir are machinesesssshiness cost N25, 000, N40,000, N50,000, #75,000. depending on the agency company you are buying yours from.

Top 4 Company That licensed To Sell POS Machine In 2021.

  2. Okay.
  4. Clay.

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And Kudi: The Most Affordable Financial Service  2021 review.

How POS machine Works.

In pos business, the purchaser first request transaction like withdrawal, deposit, or invoice payment and gives the debit card to the agent.

And the agent will select the type of account (ether Saving or current) at the POS device and input the amounts to the client.

Then, insert the card into the terminal device and ask the client to input his/her four-digit PIN and tap on entering.

Immediately the terminal will proceed and connects with the bank server to authorize the transaction and print out the receipt.

This is the procedure to withdraw. And it can be repeated for as many clients you have that moment.

Type Of POS Failed Transaction Responses

As a pos agent. You need to get yourself conversant in the various kinds of response messages you get if you carry out a pos transaction.

These responses will decide if it’s a profitable transaction.

Here are the most common response messages from a POS terminal:

  • Inactive: If the customer wants to withdraw and you insert his/her ATM card and get the sort of message, it merely implies that the bank is presently having a system downtime.

The money might be debited for a failed withdrawal Transaction, you won’t see the money and the customer will also receive the alert.

However in this case. The cardholder is anticipated to attend for 24hrs for reversal.

POS terminal

Then if the fund is just not refunded the cardholder ought to go to the bank and fill dispense error kind.

  • Systems error: That is one other response message for a failed transaction and that is brought about when you choose an invalid account sort on the debit card or the service glitch.

If such occurs and the client will get a debit. She or he ought to anticipate fund reversal or go to the bank to fill dispense error kind to lodge the grievance.

  • Do not honor: Such a response is both the beneficiary bank is down or the cardboard is but to be activated.

If the client has been utilizing the cardboard for a transaction earlier and the sort of response comes up.

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It means the bank or your POS terminal is having a downtime.

Card issuers: This typically occurs when the cardboard has been deactivated by the cardholder or the terminal has been placed on lien by the aggregator.

  • Invalid Transaction: If you happen to get an invalid Transaction response when a transaction is been initiated, it merely implies that the cardboard has been deactivated or has not been activated for the transaction.

Ththe the responses for failed transactions. It is approved, you will see approved or successful. We don’t need to talk about that.

So start POS business immediately after completely reading articles and have the requirements for starting. Good luck.

My Conclusion.

Start POS business because is now the most profitable business in Nigeria and is an extra way of getting income in Nigeria since 2013. aside from your current enterprise.

Benefits Of POS business

It’s a good idea to start a POS business. Because it increases provider services and is one of the excellent techniques to go-sell your products/services to stroll-in customers anywhere in Nigeria.

Note: this business needs to be situated in places that have no bank, ATM, or busy environments with sufficient safety features in the region.

It is possible to boom your everyday sales if you get the whole lot proper.


Are you considering this enterprise or have you already started?

I would like to pay attention to your thoughts through the comment section below.

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