Pennytree Review 2022: Is Pennytree Legit Or Scam? Check Right Now

Pennytree Investments has been marketing itself as the next big thing in millennial investment opportunities, so we decided to take it under our wing and see what it’s all about. 

Pennytree review

After poring over its website and app, we learned that Pennytree isn’t so much an investment as it is an automated savings program. 

You begin by setting up a profile with your banking information, and then Pennytree automatically deducts funds from your account each month and deposits them into its separate account.

What Is Pennytree All About?

Pennytree is an investment platform that allows users to earn stable returns on their money via cryptocurrency mining. 

It’s perhaps not a perfect solution, but it can be pretty lucrative for those willing to invest some time into learning about crypto and have capital available to start earning it. For example, users with as little as $25 can begin earning money in as little as two days. 

The more you invest, however, the higher your returns will be. 

This isn’t something I would recommend for someone looking to get rich quickly, but if you want to supplement your income with something more stable than day trading cryptocurrencies, Pennytree could very well be worth a look.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

pennytree apps

If you don’t know much about investing, there are several aspects of Pennytree that might seem foreign to you. You should familiarize yourself with these before joining because they go a long way toward explaining why PennyTree is different from most similar platforms. This can also help prevent some common newbie mistakes when using it. 

Pennytree Review

PennyTree offers an innovative new way for young adults to generate a stable digital income.  Their PTON Tokens will enable you to purchase goods and services from numerous retailers without ever having to spend cash or credit. 


You can even trade your PTONs with other users on a special trading platform, creating exciting opportunities for long-term investment as well. But is it all too good to be true? Find out in our Pennytree review. 

Pennytree isn’t just another one of those pyramid schemes that lure you in with false promises of incredible returns. 


Instead, their goal is to provide a more secure financial future for millennials by providing them with a sustainable form of passive income through cryptocurrency mining.

The company already has more than 8 million customers who have used its products and loved them so far (with over 5 stars rating). 

How do they continue growing if everything seems great? The answer lies in its ICO – which will launch very soon! You can take advantage of early investment opportunities by purchasing PTON Tokens before it’s too late. 

pennytree apps

Once you get your hands on these tokens, you can begin earning passive income by simply holding onto them. And as demand for PTONs grows, so does your wealth. 

There are also many additional ways to generate income with PTONs, including trading, staking, and mining.

How Does Pennytree Make Money?

Pennytree is a subscription service. Members pay $1 per day and are paid up to 7% of what they refer and 5% of what those people they referred have under them. The tree continues until it reaches a single person on top who refers to everyone else. 

At any point, you can cash out your balance using PayPal and there are no limits on how many times you can do that. 

Your earnings continue even if you stop paying for membership as long as other members keep paying. If someone stops paying their daily fee, however, their branch in your tree will wither and die. You’ll still earn money from their referrals though. 

You also get a 10% commission on whatever your referrals buy with pennies, which means you can essentially double-dip into earning money through your tree.

For example, if your referral buys a penny for 50 cents and then uses that penny to buy another penny for 50 cents, you’ll make 20 cents total from both transactions. 


This is an important thing to remember because it shows just how much more passive income potential Pennytree has compared to most other digital affiliate programs. Most others give affiliates nothing at all when people use coupons/discounts/etc., but Pennytree gives affiliates commissions on top of commissions!

Does Pennytree Work?

I want to start by saying Pennytree is not a scam, it’s real. That being said, I think it’s important to know whether Pennytree really works before jumping in with both feet. 


Their website makes bold claims that it earns you $600+/day and they give examples of people who have made thousands of dollars within their first month. 


While these claims seem too good to be true, they are achievable if you follow their strategies and ideas correctly. But don’t expect to make money right away! It takes time and effort. If you work hard and stick with it for at least 6 months, then yes – Pennytree will work for you. 


The question is…are you willing to put in the time and effort? Are you ready to take action and learn how to become successful online?  If so, keep reading! If not, look elsewhere. 


You need to be dedicated and determined in order to succeed on Pennytree because you will most likely fail your first few times around. Don’t get discouraged though! Everyone fails when they start out because there is a learning curve involved when starting something new like blogging.

Payment Proof

If a user shows you proof of payment on Pennytree, you can trust they’ve actually made money. As far as I know, there is no other social network that allows you to see how much others are making. This feature is what makes Pennytree so revolutionary in my opinion. 

The question that then comes to mind, though, is how do I find those who are successfully using Pennytree to make money? Luckily, Pennytree has an answer for that too. 

pennytree appspennytree apps

They have a special section called Favorites where users can share their own profiles and favorite posts from other users. In order to be listed here, users must first be verified by Pennytree staff—so you know any favorites here will be worth your time. 

And because anyone can add anyone else to their favorites list, it means that these people are already interested in connecting with you. There’s no better way to start building relationships than by finding someone whose content resonates with you and then follow them!


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