PalmPay POS Review 2021: How To Get PalmPay POS Right Now

Good day guys this article is about PalmPay POS, So in this article am going to share with you how you can Get PalmPay POS Right Now and everything you should know about them.

So Let Get Started!

What is PalmPay POS ?

The PalmPay POS machine developed by the palmpay company, now in Nigeria, their POS is among the greatest and reliable POS machines which you could get fast in Nigeria, with the PalmPay POS, you may carry out transactions like money withdrawal, deposit, fee of utility payments,and so on.


These days, POS is taken into account one of the crucial profitable jobs in Nigeria. is a business that you can began with little capital. The POS business is easy to ascertain because it doesn’t require the rental of premises.

How To Get PalmPay POS machine

To get the palmpay POS machine in nigeria, you have to follow some guides and provide some document. don’t worry am going to share everything you need to get the POS in this article.

Requirements to get the PalmPay POS

To get your palmpay POS machine, follow this guidelines:

  1. A verified identification card (either nationwide ID card, Voters card or your international passport)
  2. Utility invoice (Nepa bill)
  3. Your business license (For registered companies solely)
  4. Your bank verification number (BVN)
  5. You bank account number
  6. And your Passport {photograph}

How Much Is PalmPay POS?

If you alreadyhave palmpay account and you are eligible forthe POS, the  POS price is 20,000 naira, whereas for the android POS is 30,000 naira. This amount is only a cautionary charge, as it’s refundable in the event you return the POS in time.

But if you dont have their account before and you wish to purchase the POS, the value is 60,000 naira for the android and 40,000 naira for the normal POS.

palmpay pos

To register account on palmpay, you will be requested to provide some info like your first name, surname, date of birth, gender, e-mail address, username, phone number, mom maiden name, nation, and many others.

Once you applied for the pos, If you’ll get the PalmPay POS between 1 week to 1 month.

How To Become PalmPay agent

You can become PalmPay agent any time any day, the thing is that you will have to be on boarded by a PalmPay employees. If you have ready, Click on on the link

PalmPay POS Charges

PalmPay charges is 0.5 p.c on withdrawal and 10 naira  on each deposit of any amount you transact. This implies you can be charged 5 naira on each 1000 naira you withdraw for you client and you can be charged 20 naira transfer any amount.

PalmPay POS Charges  List

  • 1000 naira fees 5 naira
  • 2000 naira fees 10 naira
  • 3000 naira fees 15 naira
  • 4000 naira fees 20 naira
  • 5000 naira fees 25 naira
  • 6000 naira fees 30 naira
  • 7000 naira fees 35 naira
  • 8000 naira fees 40 naira
  • 9000 naira fees 45 naira
  • 10000 naira fees 50 naira
  • 11000 naira fees 55 naira
  • 12000 naira fees 60 naira
  • 13000 naira fees 65 naira
  • 14000 naira fees 70 naira
  • 15000 naira fees 75 naira
  • 16000 naira fees 80 naira
  • 17000 naira fees 85 naira
  • 18000 naira fees 90 naira
  • 19000 naira fees 95 naira
  • 2000 naira fees 100 naira

And any amount above 20,000 naira is 100 naira.

PalmPay Agent Commissions

These are the commissions that PalmPay will be paying you as an agent whenever you purchase airtime, pay for TV subscription for a customer.

palmpay pos charges

  • MTN: 3% fee
  • Glo: 4% fee
  • 9mobile: 4.5% fee
  • Airtel: 4% fee
  • DSTV: 2% fee
  • GOTV: 2% fee

PalmPay Customer Care Service

If you wish to get in contact with PalmPay customer care service , use the contact info below:

  • Number: 017005700
  • E-mail Address:
  • Office Address: 20 Opebi highway Ikeja Lagos.

If you are new to the POS busibusiness, try this PalmPay POS because they offer cheap POS machines both android and the normal one. the palpay pos charges is low so you have no worry.


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  1. I need a Palmplay machine now. I have crossed all criteria mentioned. My location is Jo’s Building Materials

  2. The POS is too costly for 60k if you want to buy permanently considering the fact the charges rate is also the same with others POS merchant their machine is not that expensive.

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