Metawar Token Airdrop Bot 2022: Here Is How To Get Free 10,000 $metawar Right Now

Hey guys  article is all about metawar token airdrop bot, so  i will be sharing with you, everything you need to know about metawar token airdrop bot right now.


What is metawar token?

The MetaWar token is a multiplayer game, that powered by a growing digital economy on blockchain technology   you can choose your own path by using an enormous collection of NFTs and impact every event across the Galaxy.

Metakings Tokens Airdrop bot

  • Earn,
  • Stake
  • And trade

In the DApp with $WARS & $GAM tokens. You may go to the METAWAR web site at  for more info about the token.

MetaWars token is a DApp (decentralized application) slated to built on Binance Smart Chain blockchain. it’s blockchain games, which players can be able to access MetaWars and its features through and Web3 wallet.

How Metawar works.

As a play-to-earn game on the blockchain, MetaWars provides  a range of avenues to monetize their gaming experience, such as defeating enemies in PvE  and PvP  battle, and they also earn trading NFTs, mining staking their in-game assets.

And a total of 26.86% of the WARS token offer is allocated to the eco system rewards coin, so is allocated as rewards for game efforts, Yields stakin, bonuses, incentives, and others.

How To Get Free 10,000 $metawar token

And make sure to Like and retweet the pinned tweet, remark drop comment and tag your friends and family .and then submit the retweet link to earn the reward of 10,000 $METAWAR ($50)

And you will also get 2,500 MetaWar tokens as referral reward for every individual that joins the bot and completes the duty by means of your hyperlink.

Metawars Token Price Right Now.

MetaWars Token price right now is $0.184286 with 24-hour trading volume of $586,170.

You can check Coinmarketcap $wars token live price at  They update WARS to USD price in real-time.

The MetaWars Coin is up 2.57% in the last 24 hours. And The circulating offer is not available and a max. Offer of 1,500,000,000 $WARS coins.



(Jan 10 2022 – Feb 09 2022)
  • Amount: 33,600,000,000
  • Unit:0.000001 BNB
  • ROUND 1
(Feb 09 2022 – Mar 11 2022)
  • Amount: 33,600,000,000
  • Unit: 0.000002 BNB
  • ROUND 2
(Mar 11 2022 – Apr 10 2022)
  • Amount: 33,600,000,000
  • Unit: 0.000004 BNB
  • ROUND 3
  • (Apr 10 2022 – May 10 2022)
  • Amount: 33,600,000,000
  • Unit: 0.000008 BNB
  • ROUND 4
(May 10 2022 – Jun 09 2022)
  • Amount: 33,600,000,000
  • Unit: 0.000016 BNB

Metawars contract address

  • Contract: 0x43a172c44dC55c2B45BF9436cF672850FC8bA046.

  • MetaWar (MetaWar)


  • MetaWar

 (MetaWar) (0x85bA616C211caAc9470f3D9859e86ca1629eD9CF)

  • MetaWar

 (MetaWar) (0x89Cc2ADd3B241325349dc5bf9f1Ae0A7F2C443D8)

  • MetaWars NFT

 (METAWAR) (0xB14A175e112Ff7093d6960AFa7725c052268B981) (Scam)

  • Name: MetaWar
  • Symbol: MetaWar
  • Price: 0.007004541109603630
  • Holders: 127,631
  • Market Cap: 1,470,953,633.0168


Metawar Tokens Airdrop

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  1. Good day boss. I participated in the METAWAR airdrops and I got mine. It is showing on my trust wallet that I was credited 10,000 METAWAR token but it shows no value. It’s not bringing out the amount it’s worth below the number of coins received. Please Sir, what could be the cause?


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