13 Ways To Make Money On Whatsapp Status Right Now

Hey guys, in this article am going to share with you, the easiest way to make money on WhatsApp.  We all know that social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin are a part of life in the present.

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It is difficult to imagine everyday life without the help of such platforms.

The first thing in the morning that nearly everybody does is check the notifications on their subscribed social media sites and continue to do so in regular intervals throughout the day until you go to bed at night.

With the engagement of users on these platforms reaching this level, it is logical to ask how these interactions can be turned into a profit?

As an example, Facebook video creators could earn money from ad revenue similarly for Youtube creators of content. Although WhatsApp isn’t a platform for advertising as well as commercial transactions, there are numerous ways to profit from its unique design and earn small amounts of money from time to time.

So Let Dive in.

I will be sharing with you, the 13 ways to make money on WhatsApp status. So here are a few methods you can follow to also make money on the WhatsApp app:

1. Viral content

It is possible to find millions of web pages on the Internet filled with content advertising, and other content. There’s a way to earn money by sharing this valuable content with your contacts via WhatsApp.

This method, it’s focused on using paid URL shortening solutions like Shorte. st or Shorte. st. These paid URL shortening solutions allow users to reduce links to various websites using their websites.

For every click that the link that is shortened receives, the user receives a set amount!

After you sign up and start exploring interesting content like articles and news as well as viral videos, the majority of people appreciate these contents and would love to click on these hyperlinks.

Follow these steps and begin earning money online with Whatsapp:

make money on whtsapp

  1. Visit URL-shortening websites (for example, shorter. st)
  2. log in by email, or sign in using Facebook
  3. Find the URL of any article or website you wish to send to all of your WhatsApp friends. Copy and paste the URL on the website and then select “SHORTEN URL”.
  4. Copy the shortened URL.
  5. Forward this URL to the maximum number of WhatsApp contacts as you can
  6. More people who click the hyperlink to read the content and the more you make.

2. Affiliate Program.

You can also make money on WhatsApp through your status by selling your product or those of Third Party

Affiliate Marketing is the system that allows you to market a particular product for a business. For instance, Amazon is one of the most effective affiliate marketing platforms. With affiliate marketing, you will earn compensation that is contingent on the product you must sell. You must choose the item you would like to promote.

Once you have decided you can get your affiliate URL and begin advertising it via WhatsApp and share the URL to your contacts and other connected groups. Apart from Amazon, many other trusted websites provide affiliate marketing programs.

3. Utilizing PPD networks

In essence, according to general, as per PPD (Pay For Download) guidelines for networks, you’ll be compensated for each time customers download and download files uploaded by you.

For instance, you could opt for openload.com in addition to other PPD websites. Openload is among the top PPD websites in the world since it has greater payouts and is easy to sign-up and start earning.

You can upload all your movies, music, images, as well as other interesting videos. and share the link with your WhatsApp contact, or on Facebook, and the list goes on.

Make money

If your uploaded files are downloaded using the link, you will be compensated for the download. Each time you download, you earn cash, however, the amount may differ based on the download capacity.

4. Promotional Applications (Apps)

This method is unique in the sense that there is no direct money however you can avail certain free items like Free recharges, Cash from Paytm, etc.

For immediate recharge, you can utilize other applications like task bucks or earn talk time ladoo, etc. If you truly need to recharge for free, you must forward the referral link to the contact on WhatsApp. WhatsApp contact.

6) Pay to Click website

Have you heard of the pay-to-click sites?

Many sites will pay you for just clicking on their ads and conducting an online survey. But, the majority of them are frauds i.e they don’t end up making a cent and you will work for them.

I needed to conduct lots of research to find the authentic one in this article.

License is a rewards online site for people who want to earn money across the globe. In addition, since offers you money to complete surveys as well as watch videos and accomplish their job, it also pays commissions to recommend your contacts to others – which is how WhatsApp contacts often come in.

You’ll receive an invitation link that can be shared via WhatsApp. The more people who sign up through your referral link the more money you’ll earn.

If you are referring friends to you It’s also a good idea to take the time to finish the surveys you’re eligible for. It requires dedication and commitment to make money on platforms such as this.

To withdraw funds, I suggest you make use of the skrill service. The funds you withdraw will be credited to your account at skrill. It operates the same way as PayPal and money can be transferred to banks around the world, including Nigeria.

If you’re trying to figure out how to make money on the WhatsApp app, sharing links from pay-per-click websites is among them. You can try it. It’s not for everyone, particularly those who tend to give up, or who are not ready to put forth any effort.

7) Sharing short links

This is one of the simplest and most popular methods of earning money through WhatsApp. Short links are URLs that have been shortened that lead to a web page. These are websites that shorten URLs. Copy the URL that is correct and paste it into the URL shortener, and you’re good to go.

You can add this link to Your WhatsApp status or email it to your friends who enjoy reading your posts. Advertisements will always be displayed before the page is looked at. This is how the money is earned.

An example of this site includes the Adfly

8) Marketing through affiliates

This is the method of earning commissions on the sales you make by an affiliate link. You can choose to conduct affiliate marketing to promote your online store selling fashion.

For success in your career, you must join a fashionable WhatsApp group. You may want to share with the group that you came across some clothing you like and are certain that they will love it as well. Copy and paste the link to them to look it up.

make money on whatsapp

Don’t be a nuisance to the group or be rude. If you do it correctly it can earn you some cool money. Some examples of affiliate programs include Jumia affiliate, Amazon affiliate, and many more.

9) Promote your products and services

It’s no secret that buying and selling online products is now on par with offline purchases.

Do you have products to sell or market?

If you are, Whatsapp can give you the chance to do this at no cost. Similar rules apply to the way you convince clients to join affiliate marketing.

However, instead of sending links, you can send them examples of the product as images. This can be accomplished via WhatsApp private messages. WhatsApp statuses and Whatsapp groups.

Additionally, you can promote your services by showing images of your offering these services to your clients and customers as well as the comments from customers.

10) People who trade goods and services

This is the most popular way that people make money on WhatsApp within Nigeria.

They usually call themselves WhatsApp TV.

All you have to do is increase awareness and grow your WhatsApp contacts. This means you get more people through your WhatsApp status. You can choose to start charging fees to advertise to individuals as you like.

11) Upload files

This isn’t a typical method of earning money from WhatsApp. Many websites allow you to upload photos, videos, games, etc., and earn money for each download.

I’m sure you’ll be interested in how WhatsApp has to be involved in this. To keep you waiting All you have to do is to copy the link to the website where people can download the file you uploaded and upload it to WhatsApp.

Each time you download you’ll get paid only because you’ve shared it via WhatsApp. Some sites that provide these services include upload.org, fileice.net, etc.

12) Links to download apps

The world is turning into one big market. Everybody is willing to offer something however small to obtain what they need.

However, there are many apps available on the Google Play Store which will offer the equivalent of airtime for as little as you recommend your friends for their download.

However small the money is, it is more beneficial than burning your data on the internet and making nothing.

13) Get people to visit the blog

Always keeping the best for the final.

Do you have an online blog like hundredkey.com?

If not, what are you wasting time on? Grab one today. There are many benefits associated with it. This isn’t a subject for the moment. Be prepared for it very soon.

withdraw money

In the meantime, let’s concentrate on those who have blog sites. Sharing your links via WhatsApp is just one of the many ways to bring traffic to your blog. But, organic traffic is the most effective.

However, you have nothing to lose since you may just bring new readers to your website.


My conclusion on how you can make money on WhatsApp It’s time to start earning money from the things that consume your money.

If you take a look at the amount you pay for subscriptions, you’ll discover that it’s not illegal to earn a profit from paying for such a sum.

Knowledge is power, they say. I’ll suggest you look into any of these many ways to make money on WhatsApp. You’ll never regret it. Have a great day.


If you have any questions or comments regarding this article, feel free to drop your comment, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family on soicial media networks. thanks for reading.

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