Kudi Review 2021: Is Kudi Legit Or Scam? Know Right Now

Kudi mobile money platform is one of the best way to make money as a small business owner anywhere in the country (nigeria).

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The word “kudi” means money in hausa language. And it was founded by Mr Adeyinka Adewale. a graduate student of Obafemi Awolowo University.

With the Kudi official mobile app, you can provide some bank services like:

Money Transfers: You are going to be earning extra income while helping people in your area to transfer cash to their families, friends. Etc.

  • Withdrawal Money: You are going to earning extra income by help people around you withdraw cash from their bank account without them go to bank or ATM.
  • Airtime & Mobile Data purchase: You can buy airtime and mobile data for people from your kudi wallet and get a discount ( pay 90 for 100, 190 for 200 etc ).
  • Pay for bills: You are going to make a better profits, when you help people pay bills like TV Subscription (DSTV, GOTV, Startimes, FreeTV) and Electricity bills.

Kudi money platform make their transaction process very easy for both professional and beginners.

They also works with commercial banks to bring other useful and helpful financial products for their customer. Products like:

  • Apply Loans.
  • Saving (daily contribution).
  • Insurance (for both small business owner and individuals).

To me, kudi is the most high-quality and affordable financial service in nigeria.

There is what they called kudiSaving. This will help you save your money. You don’t need to have bank account before you use this awesome service.

It just like daily contribution like I said earlier. The contribution starts from

  • N3,000 – N5,000 daily And N90,000 – N150,000 monthly .
  • N500 – N2,000 daily And N15,000 – N60,000 monthly.
  • N6,000 and above daily And N180,000 monthly.

And these will give you up to 50% access of your savings in soft loan. But note that, half of your first day contribution will serves as the savings charges ( if you save 3,000 naira, 1,500 is the charge till the day you will need the money or use it to applied for Loan).

Frequently Ask Questions.

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What is kudi working hours?

Kudi mobile money teams works for good 24 hours. They work from 8am – 8pm on Mondays to Saturday and 2pm – 6pm on Sundays.

How do I become kudi agent?

Kudi agent registration is totally free, To become Kudi mobile money Agent is very fast and simple steps.

Even is what you can do at home by yourself, without going to their office.

What you need is to go to google play store and search, install kudi app. Once you installed it, open the app and sign up with your personal details such as:

  • Bank Verification Number ( BVN)..
  • ID Card ( national ID card, voter’s card, international passport, driver’s license).
  • Valid email address.
  • Mobile phone number.

Don’t worry, am going to guide you on how to register Kudi agent. Just keep these in mind before we move to the registration section.

How do I register Kudi agent?

Like I said earlier, Kudi agent registration is absolutely free. And it something you can easily do without going to their office.

Note: During the registration process, you will be asked to provide your BVN and IMEI number. Don’t worry, all your personal information is save with them.

They just need your IMEI to protect against fraudulent transactions. And they also need your BVN to confirms that, the details you provided for Kudi is the same with your BVN details. That’s all.

First of all, Sign-in to your google account on your android phone and open google play store, then search and install Kudi app. If you are using iOS devices, open your Apple Store and download Kudi mobile app and installed it.

Once you successful downloaded the app, Open it and click on “create account” in the next page, you are going to see kudi registration form.

First two things you will be asked to provide, is your BVN and mobile phone number. So provide them and wait for the verification code that will be sent to your phone number.

Make sure you used your personal mobile number in case of any queries.

Once you received the code Copy and paste to the form as soon as possible. Because the verification code will be expire within 5 mins.

After the confirmation of verification code, you will be take to next page. Where you are going to provide your personal information.

Now provide all your personal details, make sure it the same with your BVN details. All the details must be correct. Then Upload a photo of yours.

We are moving to finally steps.

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Choose your location (your business location), Choose state and the local government area (LGA), Setup a security PIN, Accept Kudi’s terms of use and provide the ID Card ( it might be national Id card, passport, voter’s card and other valid ID card).

Now Login your Kudi account with the information you provided in the registration section. Then now fund your Kudi wallet and start making transactions immediately. That’s all.

Make sure you use your personal email address and mobile phone number. Because Kudi might contact you anytime about something useful for you. You might even want to contact them for help also.

Can I avoid BVN during registration?

Absolutely no. You can’t. It very important. To become their agent, you must provide your BVN to confirm that this is not a fraudster.

Do kudi offer free POS machine?

Absolutely Yes, they offer free POS terminal, but you must do a few transactions through the app. I guess 100k daily. Both money transfer and withdraw.

But if you just started, and you know you can’t meet up with the requirements, you can request to buy a POS machine.

How much is kudi POS terminal?

Kudi POS price is around 25 to 30k. We don’t know the actual amount of their POS machine. Contact kudi support team For more info about the terminal.

How much do kudi charge for POS withdrawal?

Kudi charge as low as 0.7% of the transaction on POS withdrawal.

How much kudi charge per transaction?

Kudi doesn’t charges like banks and other mobile money platform.

We all that if you want to make 10,000 Naira transaction through bank, they charges 50 naira. but on Kudi platform, it free. They will not charge you or your customer.

Can I perform withdrawal on the kudi App?

Absolutely Yes, you can perform cash withdrawal using kudi app while waiting for POS terminal.

To do this, click on “withdraw money” and choose “DEBIT CARD” payment method. The customer will provide he/her card number and the OTP he will receive to complete the transaction. That’s all.

How do I upgrade my KYC level.

To upgrade your know your customer (KYC) level, go to your Kudi account menu and tap on “Settings” Then Now Choose the KYC Level.

Why should I upgrade my KYC level?

Do you know that on KYC Level 1, the maximum transaction (withdrawal, pay bills, purchase airtime and mobile data) is 100,000 naira. while you can only transfer maximum of 300,000 Naira.

But if you upgrade your KYC level to business level, you can transfer and do other transaction unlimitedly.

How do I contact kudi support team?

You can chat with kudi support team anytime anyday through this contact details listed below:


What is kudi office address?

Currently, Kudi office located at 19b Bosun Adekoya street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.

Do you have any other questions that we don’t discuss? Kindly make a use of the comment box below.

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Feel free to ask what you want to know about Kudi. And don’t forget to share with your friends and family. Thanks.

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  1. Hi NKem, kindly download kudi official mobile app on google play store or App store. Register, fund your wallet and start doing transaction immediately.

    Once you meet up with the requirements, request for terminal. But if you want to buy the terminal, contact Kudi team on email or their social media accounts for the terminal. If you still have any other questions, feel free to ask. Thanks

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