How Much Is POS machines In Nigeria

In this article am going to share the price of some POS machine in nigeria. Someone asked me how much is pos machine in nigeria, so am using this opportunity to share with you guys.

The POS business in is the must profitable business in Nigeria now. It is a highly lucrative business that anyone could start in Nigeria and earn some cash.

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Some years ago, getting a POS machine in Nigeria for small business owners is absolutely free of charge, it will be provided by banks. But now some POS is not free.

How much is pos machine in nigeria

Bank POS machine is 30,000 naira to 50,000 naira. You can buy POS terminal and configure. The cost of new POS machine in some company is 85,000 naira to N100,000 naira.

There are some company that are selling their POS machine at low price. Like moniepoint, kudi, Opay and others.

And there are some banks offers free POS machines to individual. but you need to meet up with sime requirements.

POS Charges in Nigeria:

The POS charge in nigeria is 0.75% for like 1,200 naira.

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