How To Get Bankly POS Machine In 2021

Hey guys in this article am going to share with you, how to get Bankly POS machine in 2021. Let give me  in Without wasting much of our time..

What is Bankly?

Bankly is one of the best and new cash digitisation savings product that allows their users ti top up their wallet using vouchers And other payment methods.

Bankly POS machine

Bankly is a Nigerian company that digitizing cash for unbanked, soma years ago, they announced that it has closed a $2 million seed round.

Who own Bankly.

Bankly was founded by Tomilola Adejana and Fredrick Adams in 2018, Bankly is digitizing the informal thrift collections system known with different names such as esusu or ajo in the country Nigeria.

How To Get Bankly POS machine

To get Bankly POS machine, you have to download Bankly agent app on google play store and then sign up as Bankly Agent.

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You have to use your business or personal name, while register. So After your sign up you will send the name and phone number you used to registered bankly for mapping as an their valid Aggregator.

How to get free POS machine from bankly as an agent.

1. Get Bankly POS  by providing six months statement of your bank statement of account. You can also use your POS transaction statements from other existing POS service providers. If you are in POS business before.

2. The Bankly via FSE, or aggregator reserve the right to withdraw the POS machine if set target are not reached.

3. Bankly provide instant settlement to their Agents after every transaction they do on their platform every day.

Bankly Introduce android 6.0 version of POS machine.

You can Get Bankly Android 6.0 version of POS machine for only N15,000 via outright purchase.

And each POS machine comes with free branded items like umbrella, pen, POS machine table, logo banner, t-shirt and face cap.

How to get Bankly POS machine
Bankly has No weekly or monthly transmission target, no caution fee, no stamp duty charges. So you are good to go.

Bankly POS Charge.

Bankly charges Only 0.3% on POS withdrawals and a flat rate of N35 on all Bank transfers.

What is Bankly agent commission?

Bankly agent will be earn their commission is from customers’ deposits and bill payments.

So For bill payments, Bankly agent commission is 2%. And For deposits, customers are charged as 1/30 = 3.34% of every deposit.

What does Bankly do?

Bankly allowing unbanked people to save using online and offline methods. Over the past 18 months now, the Bankly company has been building out its distribution and agent networks.

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Here, customers can deposit and withdraw cash with a Bankly agent any time any day.

How to contact Bankly.

For fastest reply, chat Bankly on WhatsApp by clicking the handle link below 👇 706 114 5859 or message them on Facebook

Bankly Office Address.

Bankly Office Address located at 1004 Housing Estate, Eti-Osa, Lagos state Nigeria.

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