Fruit Picking Jobs Review 2022, Are They Legit? Check Fact Now

Fruit picking jobs are lucrative and seasonal, the services are usually needed when it’s time for harvest for some fruits,nuts and vegetables.

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Is fruit picking jobs legit?

Fruit Picking Jobs

Some fruits picking jobs are legit but care needs to be taken when applying for those jobs. You might be in a different country from the country where you applied to be a fruit pickler, some questions like your accommodation needs to be considered, feeding and the pay. Most farmers could provide accommodation for their workers and food too. Most online fruit picking jobs are scams and care needs to be taken in order to get  the legit fruit picking jobs. Some of the significant flags to look out for;

  1. Research more on the farm and its location.
  2. Find out more about the fruits grown on the farm 
  3. Research more on its location and owner and its method of distribution.
  4. Know about the terms and conditions surrounding the job.
  5. Do not make any payments regarding to accomodation fee before finding out about the job.
  6. Find out some data and history about the fruit picking jobs.
  7. Find out the  requirements for the job.
  8. The working hours for the job and know whether you are fit and could consider going for the job.

Requirements of fruit picking jobs.

  1. It requires physical stamina
  2. It requires hard work.
  3. It requires a physically fit person.
  4. It requires a sun hat from sunburn.
  5. It doesn’t require a physical challenge.

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Benefits of fruit picking jobs.

Fruit Picking

  • Extra money is made for a temporary period.
  • Get to explore the world and have fun picking fruits, especially  if it’s your favorite fruit.
  • Make some fruits and know how to handle and distribute fruits and vegetables.
  • Change of environment to experience more and have fun working as a fruit pickler.
  • Get to eat your best fruits.
  • Better than working in Mcdonalds

Fruit picking jobs are lucrative and one gets to make extra money for a temporary period of time and some fruits pickers are being paid based on the weight of fruits being picked per hourly and some of the countries to look out for, for fruit picking jobs are Canada ( Ontario and british columbia), Italy, Norway, Japan, Switzerland, Zealand.

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Challenges of fruit picking jobs

Fruit Picking Jobs

✓ The experience the challenge of being scammed, most job applicants could be in another country and the owner of the farm could give them watering experience of providing accommodation which is really important at the moment and maybe asky to pay a certain sum of money after the payment have been made and you get to the location to find out the owner is different from who you spoke with online.

So precautionary measures need to be taken.

✓ The challenges of getting temporary foreign worker permits, to be able to work for such stipulated time especially those who don’t work in the current country.

✓ The challenges of working in a large scale farming with strict rules could be boring and not fun at all.

✓ The challenges of working early in the morning which doesn’t suit most people.

✓ It’s not an easy task to be a fruit pickler, standing under the sun and carrying a heavy bag of apples, it requires serious hard work. 

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