Fake Bank Alert: Here Is How To Prevent Fake Bank Alert And How It Does In 2021

Fake Bank Alert: Do you also get scammed through fake alert ? If you have not, definitely this article is for you. You will learn how to prevent fake bank alert and be vigilant.

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A lot of people have been scammed through this fake bank alert ( seriously ) because they know nothing on how it done.

There is a man (POS business owner) in my area, he was scammed 48,000 naira. He received alert, confirm the money and give the guy fourth eight thousand naira.

Few moments later, he checked his account balance and noticed that the money was not added and the guy has gone.

That’s why I decided to talk on this topic, because not all of us know how fake bank alert done and how to detect it to prevent it.

In this article, am going to show you how to prevent fake bank and how you can detect it easily.

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How Prevent Fake Bank Alert Done?.

As we all know, that technology has made everything easy to use nowadays. fake alert done technologically.

Scammer use “bulk SMS” to process the fake payment SMS.

What is Bulk SMS ?Bulk SMSI know you just asked yourself the same question. (Lol)

Bulk SMS is an act of messaging a lot of people (large scale), using any sender name ( Bank name, Network Name, Company Name And More). It less expensive and very easy to use for anyone.

Information they need to send the fake bank alert.

Without revealed any information about you, they can’t send you fake SMS. They only need two information about you and your bank alert format.

  1. Your phone number.
  2. Your bank details.

Phone Number: Once your phone number is revealed to the scammers, the operation is very easy for them. And you can’t track them using then service provider Ip address, because they have personal sim card for doing the fraudulent activities.

Bank Details: All they need again after your phone number is your account details (Account Number, Account Name And Bank Name).

The next thing they do is customizing of a fake alert. They wil forward it to you.

How Does Fake Bank Alert Look Like ?

Fake alert normally looks just like your bank alert. That is why you can never suspect that it is fake SMS.

But don’t worry I will explain how you can prevent fake bank alert easily in this article.

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Here is example of fake payment alert. This alert was sent to the man. With normal Diamond bank alert format.

This is how fake bank alert look like.

Credit Alert!
Acc#: X0******XX35
Desc: 00100010000
Diamond Bank
Tajudeen Adisa
Time: 20/10/20/9:00 PM
Avail Bal: 100.000.08
Total Bal:100.00.09

How to detect fake bank alert.

Now you have know how they do fake payment alert, what they used to send the fake SMS and the information they need to send you the fake alert.

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Let now move to how you can easily detect fake bank alert.

Check The Alert Format

Like I said earlier, you can’t detect fake alert from the SMS (if the alert format is same with your bank alert format) but check the message to confirm if the SMS is same with your normal bank alert format.

Because some of them don’t know all bank alert format. If it different from your bank alert format, that’s mean he/she wanted to scam you.

Check Account Balance.

Don’t just check the SMS briefly (and close it), make sure you check your account balance to confirm if the money he/she sent is added in the SMS.

If the money don’t included, that’s means something is actually wrong somewhere.

Don’t fight with the person just pick your phone and dial your bank USSD code or use mobile bank app to check your balance if the money added to your balance.

Don’t check only SMS and believe the money is truly added to your account balance, make sure you check the balance and confirm it before you give him/her the money.

Do you know the code to check your bank account balance? (No?) Don’t worry am going ti list them for you.

Codes to Check Bank Account Balance.

Access Bank: 9015#
ECO Bank:  3260#
Fidelity Bank:  7700#
First Bank:  8940#
GT Bank:  73761#
Heritage Bank: *322
Stanbic Bank: 909#
Keystone Bank: *7111
Sterling Bank: 82200#
UBA Bank: 91900#
Unity Bank: 7799#
Wema Bank: *945
Zenith Bank: 96600#

Hope you find this article helpful Or you a questions regarding this lecture? Kindly make a use of the comment box.

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