ENaira Speed Wallet Account 2021: Know Everything About Speed Wallet Right Now

Hey guys, do you know that the long-awaited enaira speed wallet is now lastly launched and obtainable on the Google Playstore,  iOS ENaira website enaira.com/download,

ENaira Speed Wallet

So you can now register ENaira speed wallet account right now.

In this article, am going to share with, how How To Register ENaira Speed Wallet Account and everything you need to ENaira Speed Wallet. Including how to use ENaira Speed Wallet Account Right here.

Let’s get started!

What is ENaira Speed Wallet ?

The ENaira speed wallet app is new crypto currency platform, that Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) announce last month.

And launched on 25 of October 2021, the ENaira speed wallet app is now available on Google play store to download and Register.

Am going to share with you, how to register ENaira speed wallet account on android phone and iOS phones. Let go.

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How To Register ENaira Speed Wallet Account Right Now.

To Register ENaira Speed Wallet Account on iOS device, you have to download and install ENaira app on your phone. Once you download and installed the app, follow this guidelines:

  • Open the open and click on sign up.
  • You will be asked to sign up with your bank account.
  • So, Choose your bank or search it if is not at top.
  • Enter your first name and last name.
  • State of origin
  • Date of birth
  • Create strong Password.
  • Then, your account number.
  • And bank verification number (BVN). Then click submit.

Once you successfully registered, the wallet activation mail will be sent to the e-mail linked to your BVN. So check your email and Click on on “Activate wallet” to substantiate your e-mail and activate your velocity eNaira speed wallet.

Note: if you get errors on the while putting your BVN, just know that It is very important to write down your BVN you can dial *565*0# to check your BVN earlier than making an attempt to create the eNaira speed wallet account.

ENaira Speed Wallet

Why, becausee ENaira system will lock you from creating account for 30 Minutes, after 30 minute you can proceed with the registration.

You might also experience “no email associated with your BVN”  in this situation, you have to go to your financial institution to link your e-mail to your BVN. Once you linked your email to your BVN, you can now proceed to registration.

ENaira speed wallet account login.

To login with to your ENaira speed wallet, Open the ENaira app and Enter your Username (e-mail that linked to your BVN) and Password () to log in to the eNaira speed wallet account.

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To fund your ENaira speed wallet account and then log in to your bank Mobile app, and make the transfer. That’s all.

eNaira Speed Wallet can be utilized by any individual who doesn’t have a bank account. Nonetheless, clients should present:

  • Name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Phone number.
  • Identification photograph.
    And their location.

A 50,000 naira limit is set up for Send and receive, the base necessity is the singular’s National Identity Number (NIN), which will be approved.

So current account is needed for clients of Level Two wallets. The client is restricted to sending and receive up to 200,000 naira each day.

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Level three permits every day exchanges of 1,000,000 naira, with day by day and must have BVN ( Bank Verification Number).

The eNaira will solely be allowed to be distributed by the CBN, banks, and eNaira Marchant only.

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How To Get And Use eNaira

Right here is an easy approach to get first eNaira and use the eNaira to purchase:

  1. Once you Visited, download and install ENaira Speed Wallet  fromPlay store or Apple App store.
  2. Open ii, register as guided in article above.
  3. Then Validate your ENaira Speed Wallet  account by coming into the code despatched to you.
  4. Submit!
  5. Now, visit any ENaira merchant near you with any amount.
  6. Give him/her your ENaira account number.
  7. Once he deposited your account, you can the money at anytime.

And you can also deposit to your ENaira speed wallet account through your bank account at anytime.

Prices and Price Construction

The costs for transactions that originate from the eNaira platform shall be free for the primary 90 days commencing from October 25, 2021, after which revert to relevant costs as outlined within the Information to Prices by Banks, Different Monetary and Non-bank Monetary Establishments.

Customers of eNaira shall be subjected to a tiered construction with the transaction and steadiness limits as follows:

Tier 0

Documentation necessities for Tier 0 customers are:

  1. Passport {Photograph};
  2. Private Info (Identify, Place & Date of birth, Gender & Tackle); and
  3. Phone number (linked bwith NIN).

Tier 1 – 3

Documentation necessities for Tiers 1 to three are as stipulated in CBN Round on Tiered Know Your Customer (T-KYC).

Transaction and Steadiness Limits

The transaction and steadiness limits for particular person and service provider eNaira wallets are proven beneath:

Class Each day Transaction Restrict Steadiness/eNaira Velocity Pockets Restrict
Tier 0 (Cellphone quantity with out verified NIN)   N20,000.00   N120,000.00
Tier 1 (number with verified NIN)   N50,000.00   N300,000.00
Tier 2 N200,000.00 N500,000.00
Tier 3 N1,000,000.00 N5,000,000.00
Service provider No Restrict No Restrict

Members and Roles

Central bank of Nigeria (CBN)

The CBN shall solely carry out the next roles:

  1. Mint, situation, distribute, redeem and destroy the eNaira;
    1. Decide the technical, regulatory and operational requirements for the eNaira;
    1. Handle unresolved eNaira points and complaints escalated from the FIs and disputes arising between FIs;
    1. Monitor compliance with relevant laws; and
  2. Challenge directives and assessment Pointers on eNaira periodically as could also be required.

Why You Should Use ENaira Speed Wallet.


The primar advantages of the Central bank Digital Forex (CBDC) to incorporate elevated cross-border commerce, accelerated monetary inclusion, cheaper and sooner remittance inflows, simpler focused social interventions, in addition to enhancements in financial coverage effectiveness, fee methods effectivity, and tax assortment and:

  • The eNaira shall be administered by the CBN by the Digital Currency Management System (DCMS) to mint and concern eNaira.
  • Monetary establishments shall keep a treasury eNaira wallet app for holding and managing eNaira.
  • The Monetary establishments Suite is the first utility utilized by the FIs to handle their digital foreign money holdings, requests, and redemption with the CBN.
  • The eNaira inventory pockets belongs solely to the CBN and it shall warehouse all minted eNaira.
  • Two-factor authentication and different measures shall be adopted to make sure the safety of the eNaira speed wallet account.
  • The costs for eNaira transactions shall be in keeping with the Information to Expenses by Banks, Different Monetary and Non-bank Monetary Establishments.
  • Monetary Establishments are required to adjust to the Cash Laundering (Prohibition) Act 2011 (as amended), the Terrorism (Prevention) Act 2011 (as amended) and all subsisting anti-money laundering legal guidelines and laws as could also be issued by the CBN sometimes.
  • The eNaira is equitant to the bodily Naira, it’s the official tender of Nigeria and is a legal responsibility of the CBN.
  • The eNaira and Naira will all the time be exchanged 1:1, which means it might solely respect when the Naira is stronger.
  • Client Complaints in regards to the utilization of the eNaira shall be referred to the Helpdesk of customers’ most popular FI Helpdesk.
  • If unresolved by the FI Helpdesk, it shall be escalated to the eNaira Helpdesk through 0800myeNaira (0800 6936 2472) or helpdesk@enaira.com for any issues at anytime.


Nwanisobi burdened that Nigerians would be capable to perform peer-to-peer transfers to a different individual’s eNaira wallet. In addition to pay for items and companies at chosen retailers.

On the readiness of banks and different monetary establishments within the monetary ecosystem for the launch of the eNaira.

He added that the eNaira would additionally assist cut back using money and make sure the stability of the Nigerian financial system.

So, if you have any questions regarding how register ENaira speed wallet account feel free drop your comment through the comment section below.

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