Easybuy Loan App 2022: How To Buy Easybuy Phones Right Now

Hey guys this article is about easybuy loan app, in this article am going to share with you everything you need to about the easybuy loan app in Nigeria

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What is Easybuy Loans app?

EasyBuy loan app is a phone financing platform. This easybuy app provides loans for people that need to buy smartphones but get half of the money.

On easybuy loan app, Users first have to 30% deposit  to get a three-month to a six-month phone loan. Interest rates are between 6% and 9% per month and it depending on the duration of the phone loan.

easybuy loan app

There are many companies that offer the easybuy loan, all of the platform enales you to purchase any latest phone, and somewhat than pay the complete cash without delay, you get to pay in month-to-month installments while you take the phone home.

We all know that the costs of smartphones are all going up, most occasions, our most well-liked mobile phone is just too costly for us to pay without delay. That is why the Easybuy loan app is available in, because it means that you can purchase your dream phone with out having to pay all of the phone prices.

How To Easybuy Phones On Loan App Right Now?

If you are interested in easybay phones, here is the full gudes on how to buy phones on easebuy loan app in Nigeria:

  • Step on:

To purchase phone on Easybuy, you have to find an Easybuy agent. Easybuy has an agent that assist people to register unto the platform and the phone quickly. These agent can often be discovered in numerous outlets the place phones are being bought, and all it’s important to do is find certainly one of them. Their agent are uniquely recognized by their Easybuy branded shirts.

  • Step two:

After getting the Easybuy agent, the subsequent step is to select the phone that you like and afford


  • Infinix,
  • Tecno,
  • Samsung,
  • iPhone,
  • Huawei
  • And lots of others.

NOTE: you  must first register on the the Easybuy under the agent with just your  phone number, home address, bank verification number (BVN) , debit card , company or shop name and other info.

And you may be required to pay no less than 30% of the phone price as a deposit, and the loan tenure shall be determined, which could be 3 months to 6 months.

  • Step three:

Present collateral: You’ll have to present 4 people for collateral, without them you can’tthe the easybuy phones. Easybuy pays the complete amount of the phone to the shop in your behalf, whereas awaiting your future compensation.

  • Step four:

The subsequent step is to obtain and login to the Easybuy loan app. After logging in, you might be anticipated to arrange your loan compensation on the easybuy loan app you just downloaded.

easybuy loan app

i.e. including your debit card to allow the platform to routinely debit your account as soon as its due date. You possibly can as nicely determine to pay earlier than the due date.

Requirements for EasyBuy Eligibility.

  • BVN.
  • ATM Card.
  • Valid ID – International Passport, Driver’s License, National ID Card or Voter’s Card.
  • And be a regular income earner.

Easybuy Loan Rate Of Interest

The rate of interest will often rely in your easybuy loan app. So, There are two easybuy loan terms;

  • 3 months with 9%,
  • and 4 months with 8% interest.

And the the minimum loan amount is 10,000 naira while the maximum loan amount is 50,000 naira. Kindly provide your location to the agent so that he/she can direct you to the nearest store to you. 

How do I pay on EasyBuy Loan?

  1. Cash On Delivery.
  2. Mobile App Transfer.
  3. Bank Transfer.
  4. And Rave.

Easybuy loan app customers care

If you wish to get in contact with the easybuy customer care, you are able to do that through the next channels:

  • Phone Number: +01-8888188, +2347043257113
  • E-mail address: Easybuy.service.ng@transsnet.com.

You can also use the feedback forum on the easybuy loan app



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  1. Chikezie Christian

    I want to buy a Samsung phone on credit
    Please these is my WhatsApp number (09019539839)

  2. Good Afternoon
    I hope I am on to the easybuy group?
    please my name is Osondu Ngwude and I actually transacted a business with you guys and now I have to pay back.
    but I have a challenge, my phone where I have the app was a snatch and I can’t seem to upload your app on the phone I presently use, please how can you help, I have 2 days to pay up
    thanks in anticipation

  3. Olatunji babatunde Sunday

    I’m planning to get a Samsung S7 but I have no ideal of where your shop is located can I get the phone online I work at fun city hotel and I get paid pretty good monthly but I need a phone so badly please can anyone help with that it’s located at magbon alade along dangote refinary Lagos

  4. Compliment of the season
    Do you give cash loan
    I have a good record with you for the phone l bought sometime ago
    You can contact me on my WhatsApp number

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