Top 4 Easy Business To Start With Little Capital [June Review]

Hi guys in this article,am going to share with you, the top 4 easy business you can start with little capital in nigeria.

These business is for everybody, especially women. Each woman out there need independence but most instances it’s miles tough for them to acquire it because they lack simple commercial enterprise thoughts that might help them maximize profit to plot for a better method of livelihood.

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Below are four agencies that doesn’t involve much money however the return may be very exceptional.

1. Sachet water enterprise

The primary time i advised a person approximately selling a sachet water she was like “how can a huge lady like me sell sachet water”.

Selling sachet water is like a loose source of profits due to the fact genuinely every individual in nigeria beverages sachet water, atleast 8 to 1p in a day.

In a bag, they’re about 20 sachet and a sachet is offered for five naira in a few locations and 10 naira in others.

Which means there may be a guaranty that you will have a gain of 40 naira on a bag. In a especially populated environment, you could promote as a lot as 20 bags in an afternoon.

I have executed this earlier than and it is very clean.

Every other manner to sell water is to deliver secondary schools and number one faculties at some point of their ruin durations.

If you may supply atleast five schools four bags each day, this is 20 baggage for certain.

2. Tender liquids.

In a pupil environment, a very brief way of making a living is to sell gentle liquids with sachet water within the hostels.

This is a completely beneficial way of being profitable as you may help the students inside the hostels to have easy get entry to to water and gentle beverages.

Every so often with an additional charge.

3. Snacks

Mastering the way to make snacks like “chinchin”, “small chops, peanuts and other similar snacks could be very rewarding in the scholar region.


Maximum students likes to eat snacks all of the time due to the fact they do no longer have sufficient time to be cooking all of the time.

4. 2d hand clothes

Promoting 2d hand clothes is a completely rewarding business. Most people put on 2d hand garments and that is because they’re very reasonably-priced and most of the clothes final longer.


The business movements a lot and it does now not require plenty of money to start.

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