Dotpay POS Review 2021: Easiest Way To Get POS Right Now

Hey guys, in this article am going to share with you, the dotpay pos reviews in 2021.  am going to share everything you need to know about the comapny.

dotpay pos

So, Let’s get started!

What is dotpay POS?

Dotpay Pos is one of the mobile money company in Nigeria. Dotpay has the android model of pos and their Prices is just like that of Moniepoint, paycenter, opay and others.

When it comes to service properly it’s okay with no goal.

Dotpay POS

Dotpay is a full android pos machine with an inbuilt printer that permits their CLIENT to print out transaction receipt for both decline and approved transactions. that’s the different between the android pos and ordinary terminals.

Dotpay agent requirements

Before you can become a Dotpay agent, you have to provide some document before  they onboard you as an agent.

  • Legitimate ID
  • Utility invoice
  • bank account
  • Location
  • Guaranto

That’s all.

Dotpay pos  charges

Dotpay pos charges are like other mobile money compay in nigeria. such as:  Opay and Moniepoint fees

Dotpay pos charge 0.5% for withdrawal transactions of 1-19999 and fees 100 naira flat from 20k and above, whereas 20 Naira flat for deposit.

dotpay pos charge

Get Dotpay POS

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  1. I uses dotpay POS
    Pls charges for deposit is not 20 😳naira, rather 25… Except there is something I don’t know??? 🤔
    I need more information or enlightenment.


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