Opay CreditMe Loan Review 2021: Get Your First Loan On Creditme Right Now

Hey guys,  have you heard about Opay CreditMe? Let me give you a gist. Opay finally introduce another finance options called FreeCash (CreditMe).


What’s Opay CreditMe ?

The Opay CreditMe was renamed to”FreeChash” on april 2021, this is a new service introduce in January 2021, which lets opay users entire opay transactions when the fund in their Opay account is inadequate.

What is CreditMe on Opay?

Opay CreditMe is a new loan platform on Opay, it can be use for online purchasing payments, intake bills, each day residing expenses (airtime, data subscription, television expenses, etc.), transfers, and cash withdrawals.

Opay CreditMe is a carrier, not a loan. it’s miles aimed at presenting rescue service at some point of important intervals regarding inadequate funds.

And the availability of the CreditMe service is limited to only certified customers on the Opay platform.

Note: No interest in first 7 days, but handiest 3% service charge. 1% hobby consistent with day after 7 days.

How Do I Activate Opay CreditMe

To experience the Opay CreditMe offerings, you need to become an energetic user of Opay. at the preliminary level, the system will set off the CreditMe offerings for customers in keeping with patron’s
opay utilization facts.

So to set off, you have to open the opay app to then and log in, click more’ at the homepage, and click at the CreditMe icon to spark off it.

You can also select the ‘Balance + CreditMe’ option to mechanically prompt the service whilst using opay to pay.

How Do I Exploit Opay CreditMe [FreeCash]?

In this stage, all you need to do is to transact usually on your opay wallet. if the funds in your account are inadequate, you can pick out to use CreditMe to make up the difference whilst paying.

What Are The Opay CreditMe Usage Situation Regulations?

Here the Opay CreditMe Usage Situation Regulations which you have to follow to benefits from this service.

  • As you deciding to buy consumption, if the cash within the client’s stability is extra than the fee of the transaction, then the CreditMe
    payment technique cannot be used.
  • At the same time as paying for intake, if the cash within the purchaser’s balance is less than the value of the transaction, then “balance+
    CreditMe” charge technique, and other methods, which includes use of a bank card, and so on, may be used.
  • While stability is always displaying 0, the customer can maintain the usage of the CreditMe technique of payment, as there is no issue to wide variety of usage until the quota has completed,
    or the account becomes overdue, which can cause disablement of the carrier.

How Much Is CreditMe Service Charge?

Note that: All CreditMe transactions, including:

  • Paying Bills
  • Transfer.
  • Withdrawal

Can be hobby-free transactions if
repayments are achieved at the equal day of the transaction. but 5% could be charged after the due date.

What’s opay CreditMe repayment day?

Opay CreditMe repayment dayis should be 6 days after get CreditMe loan. Apart from the provider rate described inside the previous segment, may be applied to CreditMe purchases inside the first 6 days after a purchase is completed.

Beginning the seventh day, a 1% hobby may be implemented to the amazing important balance each day. If the reimbursement can not be made on time, you can take the initiative to touch consumer

The Opay CreditMe credits can also be used for opay transfers. But the amount paid with the aid of CreditMe all through switch can not exceed 50% of the overall transfer amount for example.

You can transfer the opay CreditMe fund to your bank account, in case you intend to transfer 5,000 Naira, FreeCash can pay 2,500, Naira so the remaining 2,500 naira desires to be paid with the money in your Opay account.

How To Transfer Opay CreditMe

You can’t transfer Opay creditme to bank account directly, you will need some cash in your OPay wallet to transfer opay CreditMe to account.

For example: If you want to transfer 5,000 naira from creditme, you will need to deposit at least 1,000 naira to your opay wallet to  transfer the 5,000 naira from your credit me balance.

So click on “transfer’  and then select Opay wallet balance + OPay CreditMe.

How To Withdraw From Opay Credit Me.

To withdraw from opay credit me to your account, you have to some like 1,000 naira on your Opay wallet. Then follow this guidelines;

  • Open and login to Opay app.
  • Click on Creditme.
  • Then click “Withdraw” and choose bank want to transfer the money to.

If you have like 1,000 naira on your wallet, your credit me Withdrawal request will be approved immediately and the money will be sent to your account number.

But if your wallet is zero naira, the Withdrawal request will be declined. So make sure you have at least 1,000 naira on your wallet.

How Do I Pay Off CreditMe?

  • The optional bills: A customer can elect to pay their account stability in part or in complete voluntarily at any factor in time.

On the oustanding bills display screen for CreditMe there’s a button for “repayment”‘ where the purchaser can enter an quantity to repay.

Opay account

When they enter the amount and click to verify repayment, the selected amount might be deducted from the customer’s owallet balance.

  • Automatic withdrawal: When a consumer has a minimum charge due, the amount due will be automatically withdrawn from the purchaser’s owallet stability.

If the the Opay wallet stability is less than the minimal price due, all price range within the owallet stability might be amassed and applied to the patron’s CreditMe account at the due date.


The Opay CreditMe Service is super cool and helpful. It just looks like a loan, but is not.

Make sure are doing translation on your Opay account regularly, and pay the CreditMe back quickly.

Just To be able to Eligible for more from Opay CreditMe Service.

Opay FreeCash

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