Here Is Top 11 Cheapest Business To Start In Nigeria Right Now

Hi guys,in this article am going to share with you, the top 11 cheapest business to start in nigeria right now. And online business that pay in nigeria.

You can start this cheapest business in nigeria with 2k – 5k, 10k, 20k, 30, 40k, 50k upward. It’s depends on the amount you have to start the business right now [including online business that pay]. So let get started.

Let quickly look at the cheapest business to start in Nigeria and the online business that pay which is very lucrative and easy to start with little capital in nigeria.

Cheapest Business To Start In Nigeria Right Now

Now in the world, a lot of people need Jobs to survive, and getting into the job economy in Nigeria has never been am easy one, as many individuals find a balance.

So getting a well paying Jobs as of recent will not come handy, finding salary Jobs also is no longer a straight walk in the park and that is why many folks try to create jobs for themselves.

In light of this, you could be one of those who genuinely want to start a business that can pay you well, eventually, getting your own business started is now the guaranteed means of making a living especially the troubles that comes with seeking jobs in Nigeria, and that is why we decided to show you the cheapest business to start in Nigeria.

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The economy in Nigeria and Lagos is one of the crown colony of business in the country.

There are a lot of open opportunities and anyone could easily start a business and make good profits in any part of the country.

That been said, the question that comes to play is “Which business can I easily and start in Nigeria (One of the reputable places for business in Africa)”

Business to start

And talking about starting a business in Nigeria, you need to know which one can be started without breaking the bank is also a matter of concerns.

One of the reasons why many Nigerians end up finding salary jobs or working for others is that the cost of starting one’s own business in the country is relatively high especially if you plan to start a business that requires so much capital.

In order words, the issue of capital is why starting a business poses so many treats.

What you will get in this post.

The problem of capital remains a top reason why starting a business of your own will not come so easily.

Cloud Storage

But there are many business ideas, including online business that pay that one can get into that does not require huge capitals or investment, and on this light we will share with you the cheapest business to start in Nigeria.

In this post, we have shared ideas relevant to time, that is to stay, the list of cheap business to start that we shared here are business that you can start today and succeed well in it [both offline and online business]

By cheap, we mean to expose you to the business that requires low capital.

For the record, when it comes to putting up a business, you would always be required to have a capital, of course for every serious business a capital is required, even online business, whether low capital or high capital.

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This topic has covered other areas on our partner’s blog where he discussed business you can start with 500k in Nigeria, but now let’s focus on the cheap business that you can start and online business that pay in nigeria.

Why starting a business in Nigeria is tough especially with low budgets.

Nigeria’s harsh and unpleasant business environment make it hard for businesses to survive.

Nigeria is positioned 131 among 190 economies in the aspect of doing business, even though there are prove that Nigeria has a favorable economy there are also several challenges that businesses face in Nigeria


Now ask the question, why do many business find it hard to thrive?

Well in the midst of many challenges to mention are the taxes that businesses are paid including the unnecessary ones, is one of the challenges faced, you should expect to get bills from different areas once you succeed to start your business in this environment and that is not all.

When one starts a business with relatively low capital things becomes more tough, it sometimes takes years to break even in business, and this is one of the many fears that comes when starting your own business.

You did expect your sales and investment to go up or down, However the issues that comes when starting a business does not say one should avoid starting a business.

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This information is to keep you checked while planning to start your business, it’s possible to start a good business even when you do not have a lot of capital at hand and we will show to you those possible top cheapest business to start in nigeria in this post.

Finding the most suited business for you and understanding the business landscape in Nigeria.

There are less chances that starting a business will come in hand, let’s portray the huge population in Nigeria, we could use this as an advantage that is to say more population, more people to sell your good or service to.

But what if the number of business that sprout daily exceeds and covers the availability of people who would want to patronize.

Facebook marketplace

Almost every where you look there is a business standing here waiting for it day to day customers and the number of businesses increases daily.

So there is almost no guarantee that starting yours will be one successful, which is why many people take risk to start business with large capital by trying to provide better opportunities to people and therefore scaling their market.

Well, even with this very understandable business starting challenge for those with less capital, it’s possible to start a cheap business in Nigeria and still succeed in it and that comes by planning and surveying the market opportunities.

The list of cheapest business to start in Nigeria, goes on and on, but we have carefully crafted out the most profitable ones.


And like we mentioned, it’s not just about Starting a business, you have to mention that the kind of business you start, there are demands there.

This is one of the key factors that sets out our list of cheap business to start in Nigeria, we have carefully analysed the market opportunities for you and as of 2021, these businesses have potentials for success, scalability and sales proof.

Are you ready to start your business? Well then let’s get down to the list of profitable and cheapest business to start In Nigeria.

Remember to leave a comment if you have any questions regarding this list.

Cheapest business to start in Nigeria

For some individuals with an enterprising mindset, this list will help you set out, although we would mention some trade business that requires low capital to start, we would also cover the other business that are well to do.

The the very important motivation behind why many people don’t go after their business dreams is a result of the massive expenses related with starting a business.

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Nonetheless, there are numerous businesses requiring less capital and we have listed to 10 most profitable today

You can dispatch any of these business ideads today with practically what you have at hand, as long as you are committed and placed in some standard to handle most difficult aspect of pulling up your business.

Assuming you are ready to start your very own legitamate cheap to start business, these 10 thoughts will assist with moving your innovative energy and getting yourself out there.

Cheapest Business To Start In Nigeria Right Now

You needn’t bother having a great deal of money to begin a business these days, the business landscape in Nigeria has widened over the years.

Most of the ideas contained in our list are service based businesses and others are goods and products (trade) business which as of today are great business to start.

One thing that you can also use to rationalize which business to start with less capital, incase you don’t find a match from our list of cheapest business to start in Nigeria, consider whether you could transform your interest or expert abilities into your own business.

This list is for people who need to go into business yet can’t bear to spend a ton of money on startup costs.

  1. Pure water/bottle water trade business
  2. POS business
  3. Laundry service
  4. Gadgets/mobile phone fixing
  5. Tutorial or teaching business
  6. Clothe business
  7. Catering, baking and frying small chops.
  8. Web-based business
  9. Painting business
  10. Photography business
  11. Liquid soap production.

The business shared here are business ideas that can make you money today, and they are cheap to start.

Let’s discuss a little around them.

1. Pure water/bottle water trade business

You may have not realize, but this is one of the fast moving, cheap to start business as far as Nigeria is concerned.

Begin Pure Water Production

We mentioned that the population in Nigeria can be a business advantage.

There is a lot of people in the streets every day, especially does working that are always in demand of cold satchet or bottle water to quench their taste.

However, incase you are the type not so courageous of selling water in the streets, you can buy bags of satchet water or bottle water and sell for those who hawks in streets as a large distributor, you are sure to have more gains in this business.

This might not the be the kind of business for all, but it is worth considering.

2. POS business

POS (Point of sales) business is another cheap business you can easily Start in Nigeria, making money by helping people around you perform financial transaction while you get paid as an agent for doing so.

To start a POS business all you just need to do is to look for financial institution or bank which you wish to be their agent, request for the POS machine, get it and start using it to transact for people and keep earning profits daily.

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3. Laundry service

Laundry business is still a fast-moving business, it comes number two in our list of cheapest business to start in Nigeria.

Screenshot 20210715 073341

And as i would expect you to ask, is Landry service still a profitable business in Nigeria?

Well, it’s. Many people still take their clothes to be cleaned and ironed by dry cleaners.

You can still succeed by starting in open areas.

Literally you might have to consider the local ways, that is to say, helping people to wash with your hands when you can’t afford washing machine.

But if you could setting up a small office would be a great start.

4. Gadgets/mobile phone fixing

This business without doubts is profitable, In bigger states for example, when you go to markets you will find people repairing PC, mobile phones and gadgets and most of them do not really have shop.

Repair phone

And in fact, having a shop does not really cost so much itself.

This business as we know is one of the easiest ways to start something and start earning as there are a lot of people who get their phones and gadgets fixed daily.

However, you might need to be good and skilled in this aspect. It’s certainly possible to learn the skills from those who know how to do it, then you can start a business from it.

5. Tutorial or teaching business

Many Nigerians are gradually setting themselves up in this field, the need of tutors would always be on the rise.

Starting a tutorial service or being a private or home teachers is still a decent means of making money these days.

Learn how to start business

The business is still well ranked and can be started with little to no fee

You can also provide this service online, but whether you choose to be a physical or online tutor you can still make it well.

6. Cloth business

The next business on our list of cheapest business to start in nigeria is selling of clothes.

It’s also easier to start business of selling used/fellow-used clothes in Nigeria or selling new ones.

Either ways you buy them cheap and sell them on fair prices.

This is a smart business these days In Nigeria and you can start a trade business of your own from here by swinging your own boutique.

7. Catering, baking and frying small chops.

If you can fry, or make small chops, this is a suitable business for you.

You can also start catering business with low capital in Nigeria and start making money for yourself.

People can also demand for cakes, and other baked food which can fetch you a lot of money.

8. Web-based business

Talking about web-based business, there are specific businesses that you can do online to make money which are not so hard and do not really require so much capital.

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And many of the reputable ones are drop-shipping, freelancing and others.

9. Painting business

You can be a house/room painter in Nigeria if you know how to paint, painting is also an easy to start business.

10. Photography business

Coming next in our list if cheap business to start in Nigeria is photography business.

Photographers are well paid, the business requires less start fee like purchasing a Camera and you are ready to start the business.

11. Liquid soap production

The last business on our list is liquid soap production, which involves using few supplies to make liquid soaps.

These are cheapest offline business to start in nigeria, Now let move to cheapest online business that pay, which you can start right now.

Have you been searching for some legit online business that pays in nigeria?

It would be nice to let you know that you are in the right place, as this article would give you the best of the information you need about business that pay daily in nigeria.

There are countless number of online business you can find in the internet today, but some of these businesses are not always realistic here in Nigeria.


When talking about online business that pays, it would not be wise making a very long list of online business which most of them may not be realistic in Nigeria.

So, in this post, I will only reveal few of the online business which have been tested, and confirmed to be legit online business here in Nigeria.

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What is Online Business?

Just as the name sounds, online business is any business that can be done exclusively through the internet.

It is a kind of virtual business which one can do from anywhere, from home or from their comfort.

Requirements For Online Business

Unlike some offline business that require many things to set up, online business may not really require much things to get started.

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You may not really need a shop, or other things to start any of these online business that pays in Nigeria.

The major things you need to start any of these online business that pays, is just your mobile phone or your computer. With these two things, you can start making your daily income running any of these online business as listed in this post.

More interestingly, most of these online business that pays don’t really require any form of capital to start.

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Online Business That Pays In Nigeria

Without wasting much of our time, let’s dive in and make relevant highlights on some of the most reliable and legit online business that pays in Nigeria.


  • 1. Write On Opera
  • 2. Write On Scooper
  • 3. Make YouTube Videos
  • 4. Sell eBooks On Amazon KDP
  • 5. Crypto Currency
  • 6. Affiliate Marketing
  • 7. Buying and Selling Domain
  • 8. Sell Your Skills
  • 9. Become A Social Media Influencer
  • 10. Online Coaching

Write On Opera

When talking about online business that pays in Nigeria, then opera news hub is one of the best that would never be left aside.

Opera news hub is a news platform that publish varieties of news and other forms of relevant articles, ranging from: politics, entertainment, religion, education, lifestyle, football, and so on.

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Opera news hub is an online business that pays her writers on monthly basis, for writing on the platform. They usually pay writers based on the articles they are able to publish within the month.

Initially, opera news hub used to pay writers based on the number of clicks and engagements on their articles. but now, there are some other criteria they use to determine the writers’ monthly payment, like: quality of an article, quality of account, reading time, and so on.

Opera news hub was launched in 2019, and since then has added value to the lives of many writers.

One interesting thing about opera news hub is that there is no requirement for being their writer: they don’t ask for your educational qualification, and you don’t have to pay any money to become a registered writer.

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Once you have your mobile phone or computer, and you can write in good English; then you are automatically disqualified to register and start making your daily income writing on Opera News Hub.

One may really be asking, “how much can I even make from Opera?” But it may be interesting to let you know that there is no limit of amount of money you can make on opera; it’s only your efforts and hard work that determine the amount of money you can earn in a month.

You may really be surprised that some people made up to N500,000 on opera news hub, in the month of June, 2021.

So, it is very clear and of no doubt that Opera news hub remains a very reliable and lucrative online business that pays in Nigeria.

Write On Scooper News

Scooper news is another sure online business that pays in Nigeria. It is also a content publishing platform that is very similar to opera news hub.

Just like opera new hub, scooper news publishes contents ranging from politics, entertainment, religion, sports, and so on.

But unlike opera news online business that pays per clicks, scooper has a fixed fee for any article published on their platform. As at the time of writing this post, scooper news pays her writer $0.8 for every article published on the platform.

Facebook marketplace

Meanwhile, scooper news has their fixed dollar exchange rate for payment; example: the dollar exchange change rate for Nigerians is N360 per 1$.

That is, if a writer makes $100, his payment would be calculated at N360 × 100 = N36,000.

You can see the kind of money one can make easily on Scooper news, and it’s even very easy to make $100 in a month. You may not really need to pay any money before joining the Scooper News, as registration is free and very simple.

When scooper news started earlier, it was very easy to get approved on the platform. But as the number of interested writers kept increasing, it now becomes difficult to get approved on scooper news.

On daily basis, thousands of new writers apply to start writing on scooper news, but only few always get approved.

I have got many complaints from many of our readers that scooper has Kept rejecting their application; but I discovered that there are some secrets that they have to understand so that Scooper can approve their application.

There are few critical things that scooper use to look out for, before approving any application.

This is why I made out my time to write a very comprehensive article on how to register and get approved successfully on scooper news.You can check the article Here

Make YouTube Videos

YouTube video creation is another great online business that pays beyond expectation.

This involves creating videos of any kind; it may be comic videos, educational videos, tutorial videos, and so on.

Business enterprise

Just that you would need to choose your own particular niche and stick to it. If you are good in comedy, then you can start creating high quality comic videos on your YouTube channel.

Having heard this, one may wonder how YouTubers really make their money. If you have similar question, then just know that YouTubers make their money in many ways: they can earn through ad views, YouTube Partner program, and so on.

Based on my research, a YouTuber can make $0.01 to $0.03 per ad view. This means that a YouTuber may need just about 10,000 ad views or even lesser to make $100.

Meanwhile, you would need at least 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel to start making money from it. And once you have enough subscribers, then you may even be getting more than 10,000 ad views in a week.

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Then imagine having up to 10,000 ad views in just one week; that is equivalent to $100 in a week.

Wow… that really sounds as like a blood money, lol.., but the truth is that it’s real and realistic.

That is why it remains one of the surest online business that pays. If those Nigeria comedians or artists like  Davido and Mark Angel, should tell you how much they make on YouTube monthly; then you would open your mouth and forget to close it.

As I was so eager to know how much Davido really makes from YouTube in a month, then I got stuck to a report that he makes about N26 million from YouTube in a month.

In the same vein, the comic actor, Mark Angel has been regarded as  Nigeria’s highest YouTube earner; and he reportedly makes over $300,000 in a month.😳🙆

Whether they post videos or not, their channel will still be bringing huge amount daily income on their table. That is why most online business is regarded as passive income business.

Selling ebooks.

You don’t still need to be searching for online business that pays, as you can start making your passive income by writing and publishing eBooks.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is one of the most recognized self-publishing platform where you can publish any kind of eBooks and make your legit cash.

It is an online platform that enables authors to reach out to the whole world, with their digital books; while they earn up to 35% to 70% of their sales.

Crypto Currency

Crypto currency is a form of digital currency that uses cryptography, and can be used for payment of goods and services online. crypto currency trading has really turned to be a very lucrative business in Nigeria, as many people have turned it to be there daily income store.

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With little knowledge of Crypto currency, you can actually turn it into a daily income store and start making your daily income in trading.

Being a lucrative business, there are really many ways to make money from Crypto Currency. You can make money by trading, or by buying and holding them when the price is lower, and then selling them when the price is higher.

Affiliate Marketing

When talking of online business that pays, Affiliate marking can never be left aside. It has being one of the most lucrative business that is making waves online today.

It’s a kind of online daily income store where you help a Company or business owner to market/sell their products, while you earn a commission for every sale you make.

In affiliate marketing, you may not really need to have a shop or any product, all you need is just your phone or your computer; and you would start making your daily income.

Some affiliate marketing Companies in Nigeria are Amazon, Jumia, Konga, Web4Africa, PayPorte, and so on. Just connect with any affiliate marketing company and start making your daily income while you sell their products.

 Buying and Selling Domain

This particular online business is also referred to as “Domain Flipping.” It involves buying domain names and selling them to individuals or companies that may need them in future time.

If you are so creative enough, you can always brainstorm and come up with nice and fantastic domain names, which many people would wish to have.

Domain flipping is really one of the untapped lucrative business in Nigeria today, which many people know about.

Business partner

To start making your daily income through this online business, you can start buying and selling your fantastic domain names from hosting Companies like Namecheap, harmonweb,  and so on.

Once people search such fantastic domain names and see that you have registered them already, you may be surprised at the amount of money they would offer to buy them from you.

Sell Your Skills

If you have some relevant skills, I don’t think you still suppose to be searching for online business in Nigeria. You can actually turn these skills to lucrative business that would start bringing unbelievable daily income on your table.

These skills could be something like graphics design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and so on.

Create a channel and start advertising these skills, you may be surprised at the kind of patronage you would start getting from people that need your skills.

Alternatively, there are many online platforms today where you can actually sell your skills, even in dollars.

Such online platforms like: Fiverr, UpWork and so on.

Become A Social Media Influencer

If you are a social media type, you can actually turn this hubby into a very lucrative business that would continue bringing daily income on your table.

Create your social media page and start building your audience in a particular niche; your niche may actually be determined by the type of posts you make.

Let say you want to focus on entertainment niche, you can start creating quality entertainment posts on social media.

Once you are able to build quality audience, you may surprised at the number of brands and companies that would be contacting you for adverts, where you would be making unbelievable amount of money. I also published How You Can Become Social Media Influencers.  You can read it by following that link.

Online Coaching

If there is any profession in which you have authority or wealth of knowledge, then you can actually turn this to a lucrative business. You can start organizing online coaching classes where many people would always be interested to pay you inorder for you to coach them.

For example: let’s assume you are a renowned public speaker; of course many people cherish public speaking, and would always wish to learn it.

You can convert this opportunity into very lucrative business in Nigeria, by organizing online paid classes for interested ones.

Lean business

You may decide to be using Whatsapp or any other online or social media channel, and start making your daily income while doing what you love.

Digital Mmarketing.

Digital Mmarketing is a commercial enterprise which also involves influencers and bloggers.

Affiliate marketer

Your work as a digital marketing is to promot a service or product for a company and earn a percent from each sale made from you.

And this is a commercial enterprise that has taken many people in the world out of poverty.

So companies that need to sell their products/services on line create affiliate applications and permit affiliates to promote and sell the products/services and earn profit in shape of probabilities and commissions.

You can also sell your affiliate link of the products you affiliate via your social media platform or website like facebook, twitter, instagram and many more.

Running A Bblog.

Nowadays, running a blog is a very notable way to make cash on-line and offline if you have the capacity to put in writing or discover ways to write for your blog.

If you want to start running blog (blogger), you will need an internet, computer & laptop & smartphone and domain & host. you could create a unfastened blog with (you need only domain), or other platform (you need domain and host).

And when you a hit create the blog, the next step is to focus in creating quality content on your blog and then work on getting traffic to your blog ti look at content material on your blog.


You will be make cash with your blog by monetizing it. (by showing ads on the blog)

Web Site Design And Development.

Nowadays, almost every corporation wants to have a net web site.

Web developer

So this makes the commercial employer a totally moneymaking one having a website.

No matter the reality that it’s far a one net web page internet site is critical for agency owners (you know that).

Many organizations are continuously updating their internet web site to get the newest and nice capabilities for their net web page.

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So these website design and development businesse is all approximately expertise and gaining knowledge of the art work of making a stunning, fee pushed enjoy for the human beings the usage of the internet web site.

You may kick start your career through getting to know the front end language:

  1. HTML Language.
  2. CSS Language.
  3. JavaScript Language.

If you successful learn this front end programming languages, you could moreover get customers with the resource of presenting aggressive fee on your provider.

The Photography.

The photography has be a very money making business, due to the fact in recent times that photo are taken to preserve memories of right instances and feelings (you get me right?).

Business Review

So as a commercial organization, one also can promote pix on unique on line systems or wherein there may be call for to your ability and product.

And you may additionally use social media, forums, blog, ads as a technique to promote your skill and get more clients..

Whether you do your photographs for amusing or as a organization, photography is a business employer opportunity in which you could earn money.

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And before you startup the enterprise ensure to discover approximately the sort or equipments and investment you may need to quickly succeed in your photography business.

My Conclusion:

Thanks for reading. those are the nice on-line business you may start and earn extra profits as a student.

I also choose running blog and website design & development. And am making extra income from the business.

So you can also choose what fit you at of the online business listed and work harder. May Almighty God bless our businesses.

We have been able to show you some cheapest business to start in Nigeria that does not required huge capital to set up, online business that pay in nigeria and things you need to know before you start any business with small capital in Nigeria.

In this 21st century, online business has been a great hope for survival.

There may not be any or much lucrative business in Nigeria to be compared with online business.


Though many people have understood the lucrative nature of online business in Nigeria, but the problem had always being on how to actually identify the cheapest business to start in nigeria, particular online business that pays.

It may actually be true that there are many fake online business today that are just there to scam people, but this shouldn’t interfere with the fact that there are still some legit online business that pays even here in nigeria which are Cheapest business.

So, if you have been so skeptical on choosing any cheapest business to start in nigeria or online business that pays, this article has really provide the tested and trusted online business that would always bring unbelievable amount of daily income on your table with your little capital.

I wish you success in your business, If you have any questions regarding the top  business that pay in nigeria, feel free to drop your comment through the comment section below.

And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family on social media network. Thanks for reading.

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