95 thoughts on “Chainmine.io Review 2022: Is Chainmine Legit Or Scam? Check Right Now”

  1. This sounds interesting. I registered in this platform and also want to see if I will benefit freely from nothing, my bitcoins are growing but is it possible to withdraw without funding, how to fund in this platform, I use the already accumulated bitcoins to buy energy?

  2. ohne finanzierung kann man zwar minen aber zum abheben benörigt man schon eine finanzierung das eine ths das man geschenkt bekommt ist nur ein bonus.
    bis jetzt hat bei mir nach der finanzierung jeder rückzug binnen weniger minuten funktioniert.

  3. E una truffa , ho trasferito i miei soldi sulla carta di binance ,ma i soldi non arrivano, si vedono solo sul wallet , riesci a trasferirli da coinbase, al wallet , ma quando chiedi richiesta di invio sulla carta la transazione non prosegue ,piattaforma scam

  4. I bought Hashrate with the price of 0.0004350 Btc as per your Chainmine website instructions and I tried to withdraw my mined Btc to my wallet but I couldn’t. And it showed me again to buy Hashrate with the price of 0.0004350 Btc. That’s why I made it with that price again and tried to withdraw again but couldn’t again. Why? Besides I sent an email to support team to complete my payment but haven’t received any reply yet till now. Why??? Is it legit or scam?

  5. Hi I dont know if it’s a scam or not.i just registered like 1 week ago.then deposited on Friday.and today I withdraw my first 10$.invested 36$.if u want to join under my link.my WhatsApp +250784419498.

    Am honest in my saying bc am here to make money same as everyone.better not to lie but help as I can.

  6. This is legit invested 10k usd and i will ROI in the next 3 days. I can show proof of withdrawal which i have been doing every day and has worked great! Hit me up if interested and i can help you. +57 318-296-9161. If you just want to join click the following link and hit “start now”: https://www.chainmine.io/?ref=i9mLqGhe

  7. This mining site is legit for the meantime but you have to look sharp…for guidance on how to register and mine smartly, contact us on +233204184308
    Thank you

  8. My name is Jem, I have made some investment using chainmine and draw to conclusion that chainmine isn’t a scam. It’s totally legit. While searching through some site, I found out some easy way to mine Bitcoin without buying them, please admin is there any legit way of doing so?

  9. Hi admin, my name is Chika please is there a limit to withdrawing. Because I did last week and till now, I have not seen it. Or could this be the problem? withdrawedhttps://www.dailybinaryhub.com/chainmine-review/

  10. It’s totally a scam….don’t be fooled guys…..I can’t withdraw for two times now….it’s a gone case…those waiting for their deposits to be confirmed will wait forever…

  11. I deposited some amount of BTC to upgrade my mining power, for more than 48 hours I’ve been waiting for confirmation… This is taking forever

  12. My wife withdrawal lost twice chainmine confirmed seconds after the processing that it would be in my wallet in a few seconds. So I did to my account . However, the same happened.

  13. Am Ekweh Obumneme Franklin From enugu Nigeria to be honest i made my first deposit today and my dashboard was upgraded.. If you own is not upgrade please check whether you use the proper requirement.. Read and understand before you do anything.. For those of you who is asking whether it has withdraw limits yes it has go to you sending btc you will see it there. Please do the right thing and stop blaming the site because of your mistakes…. franklinobum27@gmail.com

  14. Good News!
    Chainmine worked for me for weeks. That’s how I’ve got my investment back for quite some time. At the moment there are problems with the withdrawals.

    But there is hope. I got my investment back thanks to the help of a friend. Unfortunately only my investment, as Chainmine cannot financially pay the profits at the moment. Of course, this service is not free because I want to make a living too.

    Please don’t trust these liars here because all they want is to offer your money without any help.

    Now we come to my service, which, as I said, is not cheap, but will be worth it. Please send a screenshot with your investment and payment to jimfernandezkryptoinvestment @gmail.com

    The cost of my service is 0.0043 bitcoin. Please send this to my bitcoin address:


    The help comes after a successful deposit on my Bitcoin wallet.

    If you don’t want to believe me, open my screenshot

    https://prnt. sc/265pa4c (Please pay attention to the space)

    Kind Regards

  15. Why is Chainmine support and management quiet after all this complaints and comments? Is there such a company or a ghost entity

  16. Is chainmine platform still available but the withdrawals, i dont think so.
    at first i was planning to upgrade but once i try to withdraw this year (6jan 2022), it almost 24hrs, but still its pending.

  17. I’ve tried to transfer twice and the payment status ‘pending’ is displayed with no money arriving your bitcoin wallet. First withdraw attempt on the 3rd January and 2nd withdraw on the 9th January. Dropped a couple of emails to their support email, no answer, Same happened with my wife and mother in law so I can only assume it’s a scam as it’s now generating error 500.

  18. Hear this
    Chainmine website is visited by thousands of people daily, it is bound to show some hickups with error message. Do not be worried. Be patient as you use the site.
    If you did not make any deposit after registration, it will take 60days for you to earn Bitcoin enough to increase your hash power by 4.1TH/s which is a must to do before you can withdraw your earnings from the platform.
    Chainmine is using the pool system to operate Bitcoin mining, therefore you can not loose your investment.
    Preferably always use Google chrome browser to visit this site for good reason.
    Be careful when you are doing copy and paste, for any change in letter and figure brings in confusion in the network, the expected result will not come.
    Finally, it is when the pool that chainmine belongs to is rewarded that payout becomes quick.
    Chainmine support will not be able to answer you specifically when the answer to your question can be found in their literature review. Do a little research and study, you will find answers to your questions.
    Chainmine is real. You can be in it without wasting money. There is millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin to earn. Be patient with the system.
    I have done an indept research and study on this issue. I’m giving you the true knowledge. Take it or leave it.

  19. The site is gone…had 28 Thash allready..(270$) but can not get acces anymore..am almost sure it is a scam..and my mail to support@chainmine.io is rejected by my postmaster..(hotmail)…so am scared it has been a waste of money and time..when things look to good to be true……there mostly always are…so I say..SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM..STOP SENDING


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