Top 5 Best Money Transfer Apps Right Now [2022 Review]

Hey guys, today am going to list for, the best money transfer apps for both international and local money transfer.

I mean app to send money instantly, the app to transfer money from different countries. Especially, best money transfer app in nigeria.

Best money transfer apps

Send and receive money online has made it easy for worldwide to buy and sell online using online money transaction.

In this article, I will convey to you from the best of my research, the lists of best international money transfer app and local money sending app.

All the money transfer apps are doing the same work. But their service, features and User experience are different.

Firstly, I will list the best international money transfer apps in 2020 for you. Before i move to local money transfer apps.

List Of Best International Money Transfer Apps


Paypal is one of the most popular money transfer platform in the world. It is fast and safe online money transaction platform. (Powered by American organization).

By using paypal mobile app, you’ll be able to order online and pay with your paypal account. and other different money transactions easily.

Money transfer apps

To create a valid paypal account, visit the page or download the official paypal mobile app and select account type. Whither personal account or business account.

What Are The Requirements For Sign Up For PayPal Account?

Here are the requirements for getting valid paypal account for your business or for personal use.

  • Valid Email Address.
  • Valid Phone Number.
  • First Name (Your name).
  • Second Name (Your surname).
  • Strong Password (For your own sake)


In my research on best money transfer apps, I find out that Payoneer is paypal alternative. If you are a blogger, freelancer or other online business owner, Payoneer is for you.

It made everything easy for you in the terms of transfer money online from different countries. Just like paypal does.

Payoneer app has launched for your smartphone, you may acquire money from other countries on your Payoneer account, consequently retreating it on your country bank account account with no stress.

Payoneer works with the aid of using traveling their reputable internet site to register your own Payoneer account, visit and select the types of account you want.

What Are The Requirements For Register On Payoneer Platform ?

  • Valid Email Address
  • First Name
  • Second Name
  • Date of birth

Western Union.

Western union is an american world wide money transfer platform founded by hikmat Ersek in the year 1851.

With the Western Union technique of charge, you can send money fastly to any countries in the world.

Once you successful sent the money, the receiver of the money will cash out the money at any western union Agent location that near to he/her area.

For more information on how western union platform work, visit

What are the requirements to make a transfer on western union ?

Money transfer apps

To send money online using western union platform is very simple. login to your western union profile or register if you are new customer and provide this:

  • Country of the receiver.
  • The amount you want to transfer.
  • The receiver name.
  • Your card details (as required)

That’s all. Once the money sent, you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking number (cash out number) that you will send to the recover.


Transferwise is number one multi currency transaction platform. According to my research, I see only transferwise as the best multi currency transfer apps.

This organization made it easy for you to transfer any countries currency easy and receive money from other countries to your local bank.

To open transferwise account, visit and register Account for free.

What Are The Requirements For Open Transferwise Account ?

Here are the requirements for Register transferwise account:

  • Valid Email Address
  • Strong Password
  • Your country
  • Username


Worldremit is best money transfer apps. Which has been validated to be one of the great money transfer app in the world.

With this worldremit app, you will be able to send money to anybody in your country. Apart from send and receive money internationally.

To open worldremit Wallet, visit or download their app on play store.

What are the requirements for open worldremit Wallet ?

Here are the requirements for open worldremit Wallet:

  • Your country.
  • Valid Email Address.
  • Strong Password.

Now back to local money transfer apps. Like I said earlier, in this article, I will list the best money transfer apps in nigeria. Which only operating in nigeria.

List Of Best Money Transfer Apps In Nigeria.

Opera Pay (Opay).

OPay is now one of the most popular, safe and easy to use money transfer apps for nigeria, Ghana and kenya.

Which developed by the creator of opera mini browser and opera news.

OPay is number one payment apps in nigeria that enables people to buy and pay for the bills with opay App.

Best money transfer apps review

OPay Android app is available on play store and it fast, and secure for money transfer.

Opera pay also has a service called Oweath, which gives you 10% of your investment annually and withdraw any time.

This is an opportunity for you if you  are a student. (You can invest your school fees before the payment time and cash out any time you like).

To be one of the member of opera pay platform, download the OPay app on play store or visit to join.

If you are nigerian, visit to register and start enjoying OPay.


  • Valid mobile number.
  • Valid Email Address.
  • StrongPassword.
  • BVN number (For agent).


Paga is a leading payments and money transfer in nigeria. That allows their users to transfer money anywhere in nigeria using their mobile phone.

Paga is mobile wallet, that allow people to save their money online for the purpose of using it any time any where.

To open free Paga wallet, visit


  • Valid Email Address.
  • Phone number.
  • Strong Password.


PalmPay is an online money transfer apps that reword their users every time they login or do any transaction.

Is an instantly money transfer platform in nigeria.

PalmPay can also help you converts Crypto into nigeria currency.

Such as:

  • bitUSD.
  • bitEUR.
  • bitKRW.
  • bitJPY.

PalmPay app is very easy to use for both educated and none educated people. To open PalmPay wallet, download PalmPay app on play store.


Requirements for Register.

  • Email address.
  • Phone number.
  • Strong Password.


TalkRemit is one of the most fast and low cost money transfer apps in nigeria. It is a trusted platform for send and receiving money quickly for nigerians.

To join TalkRemit platform, visit and follow their instructions.


XendPay has capacity to send and receive money from over 100 countries directly to your local bank account.

XendPay is free and easy to use for people to make a transfer to over 100 different countries.


Now, it is over to you. Here is the result of the best money transfer apps in 2022. For both international and local.

I will like to hear from you, kindly drop your thoughts on this article through the comment box section below.


Thanks for reading this awesome reviews and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

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