Adsense Low Value Content Solution [100% Working Method]

Hey guys in this article, am going talk about AdSense low value content issue. How to solve it and what cause it.

If you have been rejected by Google AdSense with the low value content. This article is for you.

Let’s go.

In this article am going to teach you how to solve low value content on google Adsense.

Adsense low value content

We all know that adSense is free and simple to set up, you need much traffic to get approval, but value content. That all.

First let me first talk about what the low value content is all about in Adsense.

What is low value content in Adsense?

A low value content is an article that solves peoples problem without you copying it from someone blog or website.

Value content is well research and unique content writing by original author. When we are taking valid content, we are talking about SEO content.

AdSense need unique and original content that will solve people problem. If your visitors visit your blog and leave immediately, that’s mean the article has no value.

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When Adsense said low value content, that’s mean:

  • Your content has no value
  • You Copy someone content.
  • Your content does not contain images.
  • Your content does not contain external link.
  • Your content does not cantain internal links.
  • You don’t get any traffic from search engines.

How to solve Adsense low value content. [100% Working Method].

To solve AdSense low value content, First thing to do is to:

  • Change your blog logo design
  • Change your website current theme.
  • Optimize the title of each of your posts
  • Make a use of tags on every post you publish.
  • Then make sure you index all your site posts through search console.

And make sure to publish like 15 original content (with external link, internal links, images) and then attempt to rank for some keyword in your niche.

And continue to be publishing content everyday till you receive Adsense mail.


On the off chance that you continue to compose great and valuable content for the blog, Trust me, you will get approval. It’s 100% sure. Since adsense wants unique and valuable content.

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  1. I did not publish any copy-pasted content. All are unique. I have also checked with plagiarism tools. But my blog was rejected for low-value content.


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