Adsense Ads limit: How I Solve My Adsense Ads Limit Issue In 2021

Goody day guys, in this article am going to share with you the best option or  let say method of solving google adsense ads limit problem.

adsense ads limit

Before  i moved to the solution, let me first tell you a short story on how my account got ads limit back then. so that you won’t make  such mistakes.

How My Adsense Account Got Ads Limit.

Some years ago,  i got my first blog approved by adsense ( i was so excited and started publishing more content to get more traffic.

Unfortunatly, i got zero traffic and my earning is small. so  i decided to find something to do about the traffic, then i run to facebook  ads.

First day, i got 1,000 page view, 25 click and  25,000 impression on my google adsense account and i earn like $5.78, so i  continue repeat the  process and my earning is growing up everyday.

The most funniest thing is that, in the next week, i woked up and see something read at the top of the accoout, i first think it was a message  that say my payment in on hold, because i have not verify the accoount.

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To cut the short,  i got ADS LIMIT, since then i earn nothing with my little traffic ( about 400 view daily) so i try to earn with my blog while waiting for google to reviw my traffic and solve the problem. do you know that my account was not review and solve for 4 month. and i have wrote some content that is now generating traffic small small. i can’t stand wasting the traffic anymore then i try this this method.

How I Solve My Adsense Ads Limit Problem

Now let me teach you how adsense ads started showing on my blog again,

To do this, you have to create new gmail account with new mobile phone number. then verify your acccount. if you have not reach $10,  don’t bother yourself to do so.

Because you going to delete / cancel the account. so if you have reach $10 or more than that, you will get your money after two month of cancel the account.

So login to your google adsense account and click on “site”  you will be redirct to site list, click the three dot and remove the domain from the list.

Then login to the other email on diffrent browser and go to and create new account and add the site you  removed from the first account.

Don’t worry about the review, since the account has got approved and show ads before, you willl  get approval within 3 or 4 days.

My account got approval in three days but  my friend site got approved in 4 days. you will surely got approval if you don’t copy and paste after first approval.

Then after got approved, go to account  and cancel the  adsense account and payment profile also. don’t worry google will pay you your balance after  two month if you reach at least $10 (  i got $52.73 on the account and i recived 23, 400 naira after two month) so to  cancenl payment profile got to and scroll down to  setting to cancel the account.

Now move your adsense to the old email that you cancel it’s adsense, to do that, login to  adsense and go to “account >>  access & permission”  and invite the email and mark it “access admin ” something like that.

Now go to your gmail to accept the offer and login to adsense with the email and remove the new email you used to get approved..

And cancel it’s payment profile. now refresh the adsense homepage, and add new payment deatils to make the old email as the payment  profile. thats  all.

Hope you get my point? it is a good idea? do you have any question? please let me know in the commnet section. thanks for  reading.

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